Trump Calls An End to the Government Shutdown

Donald Trump has temporarily surrendered and has agreed to reopen the government for three weeks, like he is running a pop-up shop, rather than a government. There was no reason given for his sudden decision to temporarily back down from his fight to build the wall, but his fight is far from over. He announced the government’s reopening by acting as if he has something to celebrate, saying he was “very proud to announce” that there was “a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government.” Over the next three weeks, a congressional conference will be held so that both parties can negotiate a federal border security plan. If they fail to reach a decision by February 15th, the government shutdown could continue.

The shut downs’ effects have been snowballing for weeks when finally air traffic controllers were calling in sick, almost bringing flights to a halt. Federal agents worked for 35 days without seeing a paycheck, which Trump promised to “quickly” remedy. The shutdown also lead to incredibly dangerous conditions in federal prisons across the nation. In some cases, medical staff were having to sub in as guards. These workers were terrified to go to work each day, all while not getting the pay they more than deserve.

Senator Mitch McConnell has been speaking with Trump about security measures, other than a wall, that he would find acceptable. In exchange, Mr. McConnell agreed that they would leave the wall on the table for debate.



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