It’s As Daily As A Sunrise

90% of NRA members(!) support broader background checks for the purchase of firearms. But the cold, dead grip the organization itself has on the GOP is apparently stronger than even the oil lobby. And that’s truly saying something.

Here we are, with today’s mass shooting, and you know what? I don’t even give a shit what the motive was. Terrorism or disgruntled employment. It doesn’t matter a bit. This is just how it is to live in the US in the 21st century. And that’s not even sad anymore. If our elected representatives are content with this, while many of them ride around with Capitol police or a secret service agent or two, who am I to give a damn? If I get shot tomorrow I’ll just be added to the mountain of statistics, and forgotten the next day when the next mass shooting grabs a CNN news cycle. Oh, sure. This doesn’t happen every day or even every week, or even every year in Europe, the Paris ISIS orchestrated massacre not withstanding. But, as the Republican party often reminds us, we aren’t Europe. I’m not sure just what the hell that even means, but that’s what they tell me through the teevee every time someone dares to suggest a ban on military weapons being available for sale at your local gun show, background check free.

Oh well. As long as the NRA has a literal death grip on Congress things aren’t going to change. So just accept it, keep your head down at work, in parks, hell everywhere. And if you’re in the next massacre  (that’ll be tomorrow, or next week at the latest), don’t worry. We might see your name fly by on the crawler, if you’re lucky.


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