Over And Under Illegal Actions


With the many tasks at hand– from sea, air, and land–to uphold safety and the laws within our country, the Border Patrol continues to search underground as well.

Mid month of August 2018, another tunnel was found in Arizona about 200 yards North of the U.S. – Mexico border. The tunnel that was recently discovered in Arizona like many others, go undetected. But this captured tunnel’s exit point into the U.S. was dug right underneath an abandoned KFC building. As the Washington Post reports that upon finding this particular tunnel and it’s location, another tunnel in Arizona was found and the exit point was also near another closed down KFC location.

The owner of the abandoned KFC building is Ivan Lopez. He purchased this business location for about $390,000 and paid the entire balance in cash. This was a red flag that helped Authorities to investigate further. Lopez was stopped August 13, 2018, by the local Officials from a traffic stop violation and discovered more than 325 pounds of illegal drugs in his possession. This seizure of narcotics consisted of cocaine, methamphetamines, fentanyl, and heroin and its street value is estimated at over $1,000,000.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement obtained a search warrant for the abandoned KFC building that Lopez owned. Upon searching the premises the agents spotted an eight-inch in diameter hole in the floor that was located in the back of the kitchen area. As the agents broke away the sides of the small hole, a shaft became exposed. The tunnel’s point of entry led south towards the Mexico border. The tunnel walls were constructed with planks of wood for support.

Since 2007 this is the 5th tunnel found in Arizona that has reached the Mexico border. Many other unfinished tunnels have been found and re-sealed. Since the Border Patrol has formed only about 203 tunnels have been discovered. Some tunnels had ventilation systems, power and even concrete flooring. The longest tunnel that found that reached into the U.S. was reported to be about 2000 feet from the Mexico border.

These tunnels, whether large or small are utilized to spill illegal drugs and human trafficking across the borders and into the United States. There are many who try and cross illegally into this country by boat, deserted lands, and rivers and even within plain sight of law enforcement.

For years these tunnels underground have been constructed and are impossible to locate and catch all before the massive overloads of drugs and human smuggling penetrate this land.

I am all for immigration within this country, but do it legally. We as Americans can not enter into other countries illegally and get away with it. We would be swiftly punished when caught. There are laws and regulations to enter our country for a reason. My aunt was born in Mexico and fought hard decades ago to become an American citizen. It’s not fair for her or others that legally obtained their citizenship for this country while others cross over rebelling the laws for citizenship. My aunt by the way does not agree with illegal entry either. Speaking from experience, Antonio Hernandez whom had crossed back over the border again illegally was in the U.S. for about only 3 months before his actions killed my identical twin sister and brother-in-law. So he should have never been over here in this country in the first place! My life and soul will never be the same nor recover because from the devastation Hernandez caused.

The drugs that pour in from the Mexico border are killing our children, family members, friends and innocent people. This is a never-ending battle with finding a tunnel or a group of human trafficking and maybe 100 yards away there are several more groups and bundles of drugs successfully making it’s way across the U.S. border.

Turning a blind eye with the issues of illegal crossings, drug and human smuggling across the U.S. borders is not the ideal answer to stop this illegal activity. Something needs to be done. This illegal activity is a ticking time bomb that just might hit someone in your family or someone that you know. Solutions are needed, not turned backs.


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