Omarosa’s Nothingburger

So, let me start off by saying that anyone who thinks that Omarosa is going to be the great catalyst that pulls down Trump is a doofus.

Whyever is it so easy for me to dismiss this new development? Let’s have a look at the history of Trump’s Presidency and the impacts these kinds of developments cause – if you equate the dropping of a pen to an impact.

Every time that a former cohort of Trump has come out claiming to have dirt on him has done so because of disgruntlement over being severed from the political limelight. We saw this game heat up with Steve Bannon for example, and I think it more than safe to say that Omarosa will not be the last. The most amusing players in these silly games are not the people Trump denounces or even Trump himself – it’s the mainstream media.

I like to think of Trump as being a fat, greasy pig that all the schoolchildren try to catch. The children are let into the Trumpian pigpen to chase it and snatch it up for a bath – or in the president’s case, a slaughter – but then become dismayed when they find the pig slips out of their grasp. The pig dashes about JUST beyond the reach of the children and after plenty of slipping and tripping in the mud, the kids have finally cornered it!

The kids leap upon the pig and clasp their arms about it feverishly, SURE that they have the pig now but are then easily tossed off from the slippery pig’s thrashing and leaping. The desperation, the single-mindedness, the blatant lack of self-consciousness as they pursue the pig…the poor little buggers wind up with nothing but mud-soaked clothing, and what a hysterical sight it is!

How many times will these buffoons corner the pig before they realize how foolish they are acting? How many times will they go about this same, tired old game before realizing not only the Sisyphean nature of their pursuit, but also how puerile they look, dirtying themselves again and again?

Even members of the mainstream media shrug at the thought of Omarosa and her tapes. Oh, they’ll invite her on their shows because they have nothing better to do, but a great many people know to not take her seriously. How do you know? Well, just look at her book sales. When Fire and Fury came out, it hit the golden status of the number one book in America, and even THAT was weak tea.

This Omarosa nonsense? It’s in the upper end of book sales, but it’s dangling and has seen some decline. We have seen no hard evidence of her claims, and even the claims that are reasonable are absurdly pitiful.

As the reprehensible Pelosi hag has said – “Take it to the bank.” this Omarosa foolishness is just a new, deranged attempt on the part of the left to cast Trump in a bad light. It is coming from a woman fired half a dozen times (thrice in the employ of Donald Trump) who wishes to latch onto a shred of political relevance and fame before winking out just as Bannon did.


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