Mission Impossible: Fallout [Review] [No spoilers]

Ugh, Don’t waste your money. Just more nuclear weapons in evil hands. They simply can’t find anything else worse. I could… But I’m not a screenplay writer.


Actors did their jobs fine. The stunts are actually superior to James Bond. Very fun to watch. The score is fine; Plenty of the theme for the series, sometimes woven in with general music. Production quality indicates a very high budget. J. J. Abrams is one the executive producers, and he doesn’t make anything of crappy quality, but he didn’t write it– There was nothing he could do about that. This would be 1 star if not for his involvement. Bad Robot is his company. Frankly, movie theater popcorn would be the best reason to see it in theaters.

2 stars. Out of 4. Wait for Redbox.


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