A New Age Of Relationships

At an early age, we have instilled within us the interpretation of what a relationship is. We are taught they are 2 people being together, some getting married, having kids and having what is called the fairytale life. Well, I must be from another planet or dimension because I don’t see it the same way that others do. To me, a relationship can be anything from physical to emotional but it’s all the same in a sense. You can be attached to a person without being in a relationship. Yes, this concept may be hard to understand for some but this is how I view it. Marriage is nothing but a piece of paper and a tiny handcuff on your finger. It means nothing if the feelings of a true relationship are not present.

There are many kinds of relationships, there are friendships, physical relationships and emotional relationships. You can be friends with someone and have a physical relationship, some find that weird as there isn’t a commitment but I don’t really see why it is so wrong as long as both people are consenting adults who care what other people think. As for the physical and emotional relationships, a physical one is just that. It’s about touch and intimacy in the sense of being together without a commitment. However, the emotional one is more unstable and harder for some to handle. They need the emotional stability and this can come with or without physical touch.

So many people think that a relationship is a cookie cutter type thing, well it’s not. Everyone is unique and they seek and give in their own ways. I myself am a very odd person with it comes to relationships, having 2 failed marriages I learned that it’s not about being together it’s about being there for each other. I look for a more meaningful attribute when I seek out people. I see through the outer bullshit and see a person for what’s within their souls. Most people think that all woman or all men are the same. That is not true. There are some out there that break all stereotypes and can show you that there can be something meaningful without being greedy. I define a relationship as 2 people who enjoy each other’s company and are comfortable talking about and doing anything around them. People who can sit in silence together and it’s not awkward. People who you think about when you see something beautiful or unique. Having said that I also think that a relationship can come without a commitment. You don’t have to live with them or “date” them to be in a relationship.

It’s almost like a friendship but with extra benefits and there is nothing wrong with that. So many people look down on those who have a relationship like that but to be honest, a soulful relationship is a lot better than a typical or average one. It means you connect on a far higher level than other relationships. You can be together and enjoy the company, have fun when you are both up for it and even do some of the typical “dating” scenarios like going to the movies or out to dinner without making such a fuss. Relationships shouldn’t have titles, who cares if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or a husband/wife. Who cares how long you have been together or when your anniversary is. Maybe people should focus more on the connection with the person and less on materialistic or insignificant dates and titles.

I want to be around, not with but around someone who awakens my souls. Someone who makes me want to be a better person, someone who sees me for who I really am. I am me and no one can change that. You either accept me as is or you leave. I will not change or conform to anyone else’s standards. I seek no acceptance or approval from others. I can only be the person I was born to be and I’m sorry if that’s not what you like. For those who want to change me, I have 2 words for you… ”Bite Me!”

For those who can accept me for me, I thank you and I appreciate that you look past my flaws and mistakes and want to take time to get to know the real me. Life is too short to waste it on people who will never see the big picture of life and realize that it’s not about how much you make but about the memories you make in your journey. A rich man can have everything he could ever want or dream of and still be unhappy and a poor man can spare his last dime to put a smile on someone else’s face. Choose your path wisely as you only get one. Seek not your own understanding for you will lose yourself in this ocean we call life. Put others before yourself and then you will be rewarded far greater by them than you ever could reward yourself. Life will pass you by if you are not careful and then you will look back and wish you had followed the less travelled path. We could all change the world if we just stopped and took a good look in the mirror. Change starts with us and all we need is to find those people that touch our souls.


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