MDD-Major Depressive Disorder

The most common form of depression is MDD Major Depressive Disorder, also known as clinical depression. It’s a neuropsychiatric disorder that is shown through certain types of behaviors including emotional expression of sadness and even rage. This type of depression than that caused by a loss, or a medical condition that can sometimes cause people to be in a depressive state of mind every now and then. MDD can throw peoples lives for a major loop when they experience a severe attack of depression, it can affect their sleep, appetite and even everyday lives. This condition can be so intense that it can keep people from functioning properly on simple tasks such as brushing their teeth or even cause them to lose their jobs.

This disorder can even affect some peoples loved ones. It can be hard for someone to watch a loved one battle this extreme disorder. There are some people who will even disown a loved one because of MDD. What most people don’t realize or understand is that someone who has MDD can’t help how they feel, it’s how their brains are wired. It’s not just something you can snap out of in a blink of an eye. Most people with MDD will never find relief for their condition, others can use certain types of therapy to relieve some of the symptoms but even then, they will never be completely over this disorder.

The cause of MDD is unknown but there are many factors that play into it. Things such as brain chemistry, hormones, and even inherited traits. Certain triggers include a traumatic event, having an anxiety or eating disorder or even certain medications can trigger episodes of MDD. This disorder can cause people to feel worthless to the point they cause self-harm or even suicide. This is not something to take lightly; if you know someone who has MDD make sure you don’t just shut them off. The make seems like it’s a repeat of behavior just to get attention but in reality, it isn’t. They need help and sometimes its just having someone there who can listen to them without trying to cheer them up in a sense. The need to be able to express what they are feeling so that they can understand what exactly they do feel.

I have met many people with MDD, I have seen some cope well and others not so much. I’ve seen some use talk therapy, medications and even a type of yoga and meditations to help relieve some of their symptoms. Everyone is different and they have their own ways of handling this disorder. Everyone is unique in their own ways.



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