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Five years ago CD Projekt Red (CDPR), makers of the critically acclaimed Witcher 3, showed off a teaser for a new game based on the Cyberpunk 2020 pen and paper RPG, then went silent. At this year’s E3 we got a new trailer, a behind closed doors demo, and developer interviews providing a new wealth of information about Cyberpunk 2077.


2013 Teaser



E3 2018 Trailer



Gameplay and Story


First Person Perspective

Unlike Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 will be in first-person. In an interview with Gamespot, Associate Design Director Kyle Rowley emphasized that this is an RPG first and foremost, with a first-person perspective and not a first-person shooter. The developers felt this was the best fit for the world of Cyberpunk 2077, due to character interaction with NPCs and the game world.

Players will be able to see V (the protagonist) in third-person during cutscenes and whenever they access their inventory. They will also be able to switch to third-person when driving vehicles if they choose.


Player Choice

Players will be able to approach quests in multiple ways. They can also select from multiple dialog options when talking to NPCs. These choices will affect gameplay later in a mission or other missions later on in the game.



While not much is known about the main story, it will feature multiple endings based on the player’s choices, and feature characters from the original pen and paper game, like Johnny Silverhand.


NPC holding album by Johnny Silverhand




Night City

Cyberpunk 2077 takes places in the fictional locale of Night City. Located in Northern California (California has separated into two states in the alternate history of the Cyberpunk world) it is on the coast between LA and San Francisco.


Night City


The world of Cyberpunk 2077 is largely vertical. Megabuildings around Night City are towering structures with stores, gunshops, and apartments.





Day/Night Weather Cycle

In addition to the iconic neon-lit rain-soaked Cyberpunk night, players will experience day due to Night City’s dynamic day/night and weather cycle.



Night City is separated into six districts, from the lap of luxury and corporate-dominated City Center to the gang-ravaged, poverty-stricken Pacifica.


District Metro Map


  • City Center – Corporate Center
  • Watson – Inhabited by a mix of Asian Immigrants, home to Japantown
  • Westbrook – Home of the wealthy
  • Heywood – Massive Suburban district with predominantly Latino population, and underlying gang problem
  • Pacifica – Abandoned and overridden with gangs and poverty
  • Santo Domingo – Industrial district and location of city’s power plants



Night City is also home to Megacorporations like Militech and Trauma Team.


Trauma Team


  • Militech – Privately owned army that can provide black ops or protection
  • Trauma Team – Paramedics with big guns and armored ambulances



Money used in the game is Europe Dollars also referred to as “eddies” (similar to Euro’s in the real world) which has replaced most of the world’s currency.



Players will be able to drive cars and ride motorcycles. Flying cars, or AVs, are owned by the wealthy and may not available or have limited use. Vehicular combat allows V to attack other vehicles if they have a companion take over driving.


AV – Aerial Vehicle



V will have access to both melee (such as the Mantis Blades) and three types of ranged weapons. They will also be able to ricochet off the walls to hit enemies around corners.


Criminal with a Mantis Blade and store owner with Tech Shotgun


  • Power – Conventional ballistic weapons
  • Tech – Weapons that can blow through walls
  • Smart – Weapons that shoot bullets that hone in on their targets





Unlike the Witcher series, where the player portrays Geralt (who has a set appearance and background), the character known as V is highly customizable. Players can make V male or female and customize their appearance and backstory. Whatever sex the player chooses, V will be fully voiced.


Male V and his Car


Female V


Life Path

Life Path allows players to customize V’s backstory. This will also influence how NPCs in the world view them. Players select three different areas of V’s Life Path.

  • Childhood
  • Life Event
  • Reason for V’s Presence in Night City



At the beginning, players can put points into six stats including Cool (this is from the original Cyberpunk 2020 RPG).

  • Strength
  • Constitution
  • Intelligence
  • Reflexes
  • Tech
  • Cool



Classes aren’t selected in the beginning but are chosen by getting cyberwear upgrades through the game. The player can choose between three classes or mix and match. The Corporate and Rockerboy classes, from the original pen and paper, will appear as NPCs.


NPC being hacked


  • Netrunner – Hacks into computers, NPCs, and weapons
  • Techie – Can build gadgets and work on cyberwear, and build traps
  • Solo – Specialize in combat, and have heightened awareness



Cyberwear allows you to upgrade your character through augments. Characters go to Ripperdocs to get their cyberwear. One upgrade replaces V’s eye allowing them to scan and inspect objects and NPCs.



Temporary enhancements can be gotten from chemical inhalers by “whiffing”. Whiffing can also replenish health. Some will all V to slow down time to fight enemies.



V earns regular experience through core missions and Street Cred in side missions. Higher Street Cred can open up new fixers that will give new missions. It can be enhanced with clothes (like the jacket V wears in the trailer.)



Characters will be able to have casual or long-term relationships in-game. V will be able to choose from gay, bisexual or straight companions.


The Future

CDPR hasn’t released the behind doors demo for the game yet or a release date. Stay tuned for future updates. You can visit them and their forums at the official site

(All pictures Credit: CD Projekt Red)
(Gamespot Demo Discussion) (Game Informer Demo discussion) (Demo Pamphlet)




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    The game looks awesome. I have been waiting for something like this for a long time.

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