Ugh. You Two Let Me Down, After Doing A Masterpiece.

Ok. Renė Echevarria? Would you mind stepping into my office for a bit? Thanks. Let’s talk.

You were a key part of the Star Trek spinoff, Deep Space Nine. Now while I consider it to be superior to TNG, Voyager and whatever comes next (unless you’re involved), most fans hated it. You know why and so do I . Politics. In the show. A ton of it. I call the DS9 haters “diaper Trekkies.” They seem to think an alliance of 120 planets would never argue about anything. So, 300 years in the future 120 sentient species would just hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Politics gone. That just wouldn’t happen. You knew that. And by the way, 7 seasons of an overarching main plot? Excellent depiction of that. Bravo.

So when Netflix went ahead with that crap in the photo, you were co-creator. What in the fuck happened to you? The story is actually very good. But everything else is appalling. But you’re not entirely to blame. You brought your buddy from DS9, Ira Steven Behr. I suspect he had an equal role in injecting politics. Smart move. And he’s (?) the primary executive producer of said piece of crap, 4400. Oh yes. I read credits.

Why? WHY? Why take a pretty good story and turn it over to the worst directing and editing I’ve ever seen? Do you need to retire? Or will you come up with another good story and fail due to turning it over to industry hacks with insufficient monetary funding? I hope you read this. It’ll be tweeted at both of you.

Thank you, try again.

UPDATE Stop using Jeffrey Combs. You can’t take the Vorta out of him. Doesn’t seem capable of acting any differently.


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