5 Famous Special Needs Cats And Their Inspirational Stories

Anyone who has spent more than five minutes on the internet should be aware that the entirety of the massive, elaborate network of interlocking communications bows down before its righteous and mighty rulers, who control the masses with an iron fist, all whilst having earned their utmost respect. This ruling body, of course, being cats.

Let’s face it, without our furry friends, the internet would be a voidlike desert, completely abandoned by all recreational users of the intricate net. Cats are intelligent, independent, sassy and, of course, fluffy. We often marvel at the seemingly most perfect cats; the ones with big, round eyes, long, silky coats, and the most attractive proportions. Needless to say, while the internet spends its time marveling at the ideal cat, the internet also houses a multitude of “imperfect” cats. These are the cats that were born with or acquired abnormalities that are atypical of the average cat, and often times have special needs that cause them to be unattractive to potential adopters. However, with the vastness of the internet, such cats have made their way into the mainstream, and have showed us that there’s nothing wrong with being imperfect, and that, just maybe, imperfection is perfect in itself. Today, let’s take a look at five of these special needs cats, and learn their stories.

Number 1: Monty

This lovely ball of fluff is Monty, a cat from Denmark who was born with chromosomal abnormalities, giving him his signature snout.

Pictured: Monty. Also Pictured: Monty’s impeccable sense of fashion

Monty was born without a nasal bridge, which causes him to sneeze quite a bit. Monty also suffers from a leaky bladder, of which he often becomes embarrassed about. However, his loving owners are encouraging him to accept himself and to love what separates him from the average cat. Monty is a gentle cat, but he is certainly not shy. In fact, Monty is one of the few (if not the only) cats that actually enjoys seeing his vet. Monty’s Facebook page can be accessed at https://www.facebook.com/Montyboycat/, and you can help support animal shelters by purchasing jewelry from his online store at https://www.etsy.com/shop/MontyJewelry. Monty may not be perfect, but he’s definitely one pawsome cat.

Number 2: Matilda

What you’re looking at right now is perhaps the most exotic and mysterious cat on the internet. Matilda was born with an undefined genetic disorder that caused her eyes to become enlarged throughout her life. Matilda’s litter mates also suffered from genetic disorders that affected their eyes, although the specifics of her condition are unknown, other than that the size of her eyes is due to lens luxations.

Matilda, despite her exotic appearance, behaves just like the ordinary cat, and is greatly loved by her “servants”, who take care of her. Unfortunately, due to the pressure caused by her eye size, they were recently removed.

Even without her alien eyes, Matilda is still one unique and beautiful cat, who, because of her “servant’s” hard work and love, is able to live a wonderful life. Matilda’s Facebook page can be accessed athttps://www.facebook.com/aliencatmatilda/ , and you can help support animal shelters from her store at http://aliencatmatilda.spreadshirt.ca/.

Number 3: Chase No Face

With an extremely self-explanatory name, Chase is a cat who lacks skin and fur on her face, causing her face to appear to be in the shape of a heart. Chase was injured by a car in June 2005, but was saved by a young man, who promptly brought her to an animal hospital. Chase’s back leg was amputated, and the skin that was damaged (which was mostly on and around her face), was removed. Plastic surgery was attempted, but since it was not successful, Chase maintained her unique appearance.

That’s the spirit! 

Despite her appearance, Chase is a healthy and happy cat, who experiences no further pain whatsoever. She is a friendly cat, who loves to socialize with other cats as well as dogs, and receives lots of love from her family. At an astonishing 10 years old, Chase is still the same playful kitten she’s always been.

Looks like Monty’s not the only fashionista. 

Chase’s Facebook page can be accessed at https://www.facebook.com/ChaseNoFace/, and you can support Chase (who requires eye drops to keep her eyes moist), by purchasing one of her shirts at http://ellingson.cc/news/2015/4/21/chase-no-face-t-shirts.

Number 4: Lil Bub

An alien entity who crash-landed here on our humble planet (I wonder if she’s related to Matilda…), Lil Bub is a mysterious and charming creature. Lil Bub was rescued by her current owner (her Dude)’s friend, who found her as a kitten inside his shed. Bub was the runt of a feral litter, and was taken in by her Dude, Mike Bridavsky. What specifically caused Bub’s unique appearance is unknown, but Bub is a dwarf polydactyl (meaning that she has more toes than usual) cat who lacks teeth, a lower jaw (which is why her tongue hangs out), and has a long, short body, reminiscent of a ferret.

These eyes have seen beyond our dimension. 

Bub is a cute and sassy being, who has starred in her own documentary (found here:https://www.vice.com/series/lilbub) and has even been the subject of her own concept album, Science & Magic (of which I proudly own on vinyl). Most importantly, however, Lil Bub has worked with the ASPCA to create Lil Bub’s Big FUND, which helps other special needs pets. At first, Bub was extremely clumsy, and could barely walk, but with hard work and lots of therapy, Lil Bub can run, jump, and play just like any other cat. An international icon and activist, Lil Bub is certainly deserving as one of the internet’s most beloved cats.

Did I mention sassy? 

Lil Bub’s Facebook page can be accessed at https://www.facebook.com/iamlilbub/, and you can take part in Lil Bub’s Big FUND by shopping at her store at https://store.lilbub.com/.

Number 5: Super Hero and Zeke

Super Hero (the larger cat in the picture), was born on June 9th, 2013 with his brother, Prince Ollie. Both brothers were born with hydrocephalus, a condition (also found in humans) that causes

water to build up between the brain and the skull.

Both kittens were in poor condition when they were adopted, but were able to fight against the odds and continued surviving. However, as time progressed, things took a darker turn. Their conditions worsened, and Prince Ollie, unfortunately, passed away. However, after Prince Ollie’s passing, Super Hero’s condition bettered, and things began to look much more positively. Zeke (the smaller kitten in the picture), also suffers from hydrocephalus, as well as being a twisty cat, a name for cats who have a skeletal condition that causes crooked or twisted legs.

Zeke, despite his disability, is a playful and fun-loving kitten, who has had no problem adapting to live with his adopted brother, Super Hero. Together they serve as the mascots for Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society (SHAHS), a nonprofit animal sanctuary and feline rescue. Their Facebook page can be accessed athttps://www.facebook.com/SuperHeroTheHydrocephalicCat/, and you can donate to SHAHS at https://www.youcaring.com/super-heros-animal-hydrocephalus-society-394515.

Special needs cats, while appearing different than the average cat, are really no different than the average cat. They require extra work but give extra love in return. We humans can, in actuality, find inspiration in these cats. Being disabled is difficult, whether our disabilities are mental, neurological, or physical. However, it takes persistence and a genuine love of life to get past these hardships. All five of the cats we’ve discussed have faced hardships but still have persisted on to become some of the internet’s most beloved cats. Perhaps, in reality, perfection to some is found within imperfection.

If you have any interest in adopting a special needs pet, please visithttp://www.petswithdisabilities.org/. Remember that caring for a special needs pet is extremely difficult and time-consuming (depending on the disability), but also extremely awarding. These pets are not frequently adopted due to the extra care they require, but with lots hard work and love, they will be a wonderful addition to your family.


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