Michael McFadden: Man Sentenced to 300+ Years Freed

We all enter into the world as innocent children. We all enter unaware of the dangers or even the good in which the world bestows. However, our innocence becomes extinct when someone takes that innocence away from us. Michael McFadden took that innocence from 19 children, yet is walking scott free from prison. McFadden was originally sentenced to over 300 years for molesting those children in Denver, Colorado. The original case was tried in 2015 when McFadden was given this sentence.

However, on February, 27, 2018 the Colorado Court of appeals released him stating his right to a quick and speedy trial was violated. Which means walking scott free despite being guilty of the crimes he has committed. Also, why after 3 years has it taken the court so long to say anything?What about the rights of the children? This is just giving him more opportunity to hurt more children. Yet people get locked up everyday for possible attempts at taking care of their children through certain actions that don’t hurt them. But Michael McFadden hurts 19 children and he is able to walk away? That makes no sense at all! How many other people who are actually innocent don’t get to use said rights?

Yet a proven guilty man is able to walk away after 3 years with the opportunity of hurting more children? Do the judges, lawyers, jurors(everyday-people) even think about it being their children? What does this say as a message about the system in place? This systems seems to be a bit backwards at times. Michael McFadden should not just be walking scott free with not even having to register as sex offender?

What? That is mind-blowing. He should at least have to register as a sex offender for future safety of other children. What if he takes it further? Something that could have been prevented by a system sworn to protect could have stopped through registry, house arrest, sex offender programs  and honestly anything that it would take to protect other children from being molested or possibly murdered. How will the parents of the children feel? Most importantly how will the children that Michael McFadden molested feel? Will this strike fear in them with possible retaliation?

If they can’t trust the people we are supposed to serve justice, who are they suppose to trust? The hope is that this as well as other recent tragedies would show that preparation is needed. Nothing could prepare for the Colorado court of appeals to allow Michael McFadden who molested 19 children, that was sentenced to over 300 years in 2015, is now in 2018 walking away scott free without having to even register as a sex offender. Let’s pray for the families as well as America.


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