A Disconnected Reality

Ever feel disconnected from reality? Like you were watching your life from outside of yourself? You could be suffering from Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder. People with this disorder can feel detached from reality, they see the world as distorted and unreal at times and they are detached from their own feelings. Common triggers for this disorder are stress, anxiety and depression. Also, traumatic events such as abuse, violence, neglect or unexpectedly losing a loved one can trigger this as well. Lack of sleep or being in an overstimulating environment can possibly make the symptoms of this disorder worse.

There is no medicine that is for such a disorder, often times a doctor may prescribe something similar to an anti-anxiety medication to help ease some of the symptoms but the best method to overcome this disorder is through talk and behavioral therapy. Some people never come out of it, whereas some do. It all depends if you can find the underlying cause of this disorder. Find that event or trigger than causes you to feel in such a way.

From a personal aspect I have had moments of such where I felt disconnected from reality and like I was watching my own life from outside myself like one would watch a movie. The feeling of not being able to change the outcome or prevent the trigger from occurring. Just because someone is having a bad day and seem to be outside of themselves doesn’t mean there is some major issue with them. Yes, people have severe disorders at times but don’t just assume that because someone is acting a little off that they are hiding something or that they are severally screwed up in the head.

Take time to try to understand why someone is behaving in such a manner, especially if they have endured some sort of trauma and haven’t fully accepted it or let it go. Being disconnected from reality is very hard to come out of. It’s not impossible but it is challenging. People with this disorder don’t want your pity, they want your support. Be supportive and try to help them. Getting them to talk about the problem is the biggest step. They have to dig it out of themselves in order to face it.

Keep in mind that people with this disorder may seem to be heartless as they are disconnected from their own feelings and sensations, they don’t mean to be but that connection is broken and they have a hard time expressing their feelings.


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