Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Split Between Oneself

There are many types of personality disorders such as schizophrenia, BPD and OCD as well as many others, but there is one in particular that affects a large percent of people and that’s DID-Dissociative Identity Disorder, AKA Split personality or multiple personality disorder. This disorder is when two or more distinct personalities live among the same person’s brain. It can cause severe episodes of memory loss due to when one personality takes the place of the main personality and does who knows what the main one will not recall any events that were done under the association of the other personality. These other personalities are often called alters, short for alternate personalities.

The cause of DID has been associated with some sort of childhood trauma that has caused a split in the main personality. However, its unclear as to what makes each split personality behave as they do. In most cases the other personality is one that is violent and comes out anytime the main one feels threatened. It’s sort of like their body guard. Most people with DID only have between 2 and 5 other personalities but they can have up to 100 different ones within their mind. There are usually at least 2 main ones that are flipped back and forth. You have your main personality that is who you really are and then there is one who deals with the anger through violence and there could also be a softer one. It’s kind of like in the cartoons where the character has a choice to make and on one shoulder there is a devil and the other an angel.

People with DID can become unstable very fast, the person you may think you know may not be in control of the other people within their minds. Do not take offense if you trigger the other personalities but try to be very cautions, never call them out and say that they aren’t themselves because that will only anger them. You have to watch your actions and wording and be very careful around someone with DID.

Severe headaches are common with this disorder as the battle between personalities can become intense for the main one. There is also links between substance abuse and eating disorders in people with DID. Trying to deal with this shift is hard on those with this disorder. Last thing they need is someone yelling at them for not acting right or for not being able to control it. Therapy can help those with DID to help them associate why they have created these personalities. If they can come to terms with the root of the problem, they have a better chance of being able to fight back and control them. Until they can fully understand their condition they have no power over these personalities. They will become a prisoner within their own minds and the only way out is if they can become strong enough to fight back and show them who the real leader is.



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    Sandee 1 year

    This has opened my eyes dramatically. Great article.

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