A Connection Beyond This World

There have been many discussions about telepathy and telekinetic over the last several decades. Some believe it isn’t possible whereas others feel there is some sort of connection that allows people to communicate in this manner. No one knows for sure how this actually works but from a personal aspect I have had many moments where I could hear the thoughts of others. I swear it was as if they were speaking to me in a vocal manner but when I answer them they are stunned.

When you answer someone whose thoughts you hear it catches them off guard, I could relate to this if I wasn’t on the other end of it and have heard thoughts as plain as day. Now I know some of you are probably thinking that I’m crazy or whatever and that’s fine but there are so many things in this would that we don’t understand. So don’t be so quick to judge without having first understood what was going on.

Just like the whole psychic thing that many people do not understand, yes there are many, many people out there claiming to be such whom are lying through their teeth. However, there are several that do possess such a gift. In fact, everyone is born with an ability and it’s whether or not they unlock it is the question.

Having these gifts/abilities do not make you crazy, they may make you feel like you are going crazy but you aren’t crazy. I have also experienced daily moments of high intuition in which I knew or seen things that were like a déjà vu moment. Like the other day I swear my husband told me he washed his hat and even showed me how clean it was but later that day he said he was going to wash it and I’m like didn’t you already do that? Then he was like no, not yet. So, it was very odd.

I have had many moments in which things have happened before and I finally understand that they are like premonitions or signs of an upcoming situation. They aren’t always pleasant but we must go through them in order to grow in our own spiritual aspect. No, I’m not talking religion or anything like that I am talking a spiritual connection with a higher power. The connection that can connect you with other people through their mind, let you see what another is going through and even see what is coming. One of the biggest things I experience and will make you go oh shit this lady is flipping nuts is the fact that I see spirits, I see the ghosts of people whom have passed and I swear that they appear to be like a normal person. Half the time I question if the person I am talking to is real.

One story I can tell is during a book signing event there was an old man drinking a coke and sitting in the corner of the room, he sat there for over an hour and then randomly walked up to me and started talking. I kind of looked around wondering if anyone else could see him and then someone spoke to him and before I thought the words “Thank goodness you’re not dead.” Came rolling out of my mouth. The man laughed and replied “No, not yet.” Then he laughed. There were many moments in which I was talking to someone and got asked who I was talking to. I would say oh this person here and they are like there is no one there, so that is why I was cautions with that man as I wasn’t sure if he was real or not. Most days my reality and dreams are so blended I couldn’t tell you if something that happened or was said was a dream or not.

Maybe I am crazy…..But what if I’m not?



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