Trump’s Tawdry Affair is Non-News

credit to InTouch Magazine

One fact is indisputable: Stormy Daniels, an adult film star, and Donald Trump almost certainly had an affair. The media on the left has run this story on a constant loop since the details that condemn Trump and Daniels, namely that Trump’s lawyer arranged payment of $130,000 to Daniels in exchange for her non-publication of the story, came to public light. Daniels had originally been attempting to sell her story to both the Daily Beast and Good Morning America separately. How these details eventually leaked to public attention, I do not know. But as a firm leftist and a former sex worker, I am ashamed of both left-leaning media and Stormy Daniels herself for the reporting on this matter.

According to In Touch magazine, which just published an exclusive interview with Daniels that was conducted back in 2011, her affair with Trump was entirely consensual. “I remember thinking, ‘I hope he doesn’t think I’m a hooker.’ Not that I have anything against hookers, I just personally have never done it”, Daniels is quoted by In Touch magazine as saying. She claims the affair began in 2006. The In Touch article is unclear about the end, but it is clear that when she initially gave statements to In Touch starting in 2011, her relationship had ended.

Daniels had a regrettable, years long affair back in the late aughts in which she now wishes she had not participated. You are allowed to regret an affair that you have had with a married man. However, as a sex worker and a human being I take personal exception to the fact that she has been trying to sell her story since Trump began running for President of the United States back in 2015. According the Rachel Maddow Show, Daniels expressed worry that she would not be able to sell her story to the Daily Beast or Good Morning America before the 2016 election, because her story would lose value quickly after the election (under the assumption that Clinton would win). In the end, Donald Trump himself appears to have been the highest bidder for Daniels story, for which she seems to have gladly capitulated. Personally, I find her behavior tawdry and morally repugnant.

This brings us to the media’s role in this whole affair. Because of the well-publicized event where Trump was allegedly involved in in a urine-based sex event with other sex workers in Germany,  the media and everybody else could hardly claim to be in ignorance of the fact that Donald Trump has seen sex workers in the past. I personally would posit that few billionaires have not. However, the media’s reaction to this has been unduly extreme because they finally have a sacrificial whore to widely publicize. I regularly watch MSNBC, and for the past year the reporting has barely touched on the fact that Trump has been accused of sexual assault by what at current counts amounts to almost 17 women. The media may think that the American public needs an amount of scandal to invest themselves in a story, but I take exception to the fact that it is more scandalous to have a consensual affair with a sex worker than to literally rape a person of another profession.

As much as the left-leaning media wants to pretend otherwise, the fact of the matter is that Donald Trump never campaigned as a family values conservative. From his “Grab [women] by the pussy” comment to his constant demeaning of his electoral challenger, Donald Trump constantly aired his contempt for women for the country to see. And his misogyny and his penchant for violence against women should not be ignored. However, we have no evidence that Daniels herself is part of that pattern. However, with the scant post-election coverage of the many women who have actually accused Donald Trump of sexual assault and rape, it is clear that the left-leaning media cares more about being able to link Trump to behaviors that some Americans would find unsavory than actually to report on literal allegations of rape against our president.


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