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Warning to all reading, this post is my opinion on the whole Trump Book “Fire and Fury” that was just released. I will let you know that this post may offend you. I have heard so much shit surrounding this book about Trump. I personally don’t care about politics and I never will. Some people don’t understand my logic but I don’t really care. I feel that a lot of politics are staged to wreak havoc and chaos among our nation. I am a firm believer that our opinions as citizens do not matter and they will put into office whom ever they want regardless of what we want. Some days I think they want the person that we don’t just so they can control us even more.

Anyways back to the book. I have seen both positive and negative reviews. Some love this book because Trump didn’t want it released and some are so uptight about this book being released and invading the president’s privacy. First off he’s the leader of a nation and no longer has privacy and secondly he’s not a politician, he’s a celebrity and he’s used to being in the spotlight. Whether it’s good or bad, he seeks it. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was to have his hand this whole thing just so he can make more money.

Think about it, most people probably wouldn’t have even considered buying this book but him trying to stop it suddenly boosted sales and made this book a high demand. Trump is the type to make money off others and this would be a great opportunity to do so. Just like with the whole WWE crap he was involved in, most people took that to heart but I’m sorry to burst your bubble, it’s all fake and all scripted. I have been apart of the wrestling entertainment world before, and that’s what it is, entertainment. It’s all an act.

Speaking of act, that’s what I feel this whole thing is. Trump is nothing but an act to piss off Americans so that way, next term, they will vote in anyone just to get rid of Trump. I knew from the start that Trump would win and it would be an utter chaotic mess. Impeaching him will just make him richer. He will then become the most hated man in America and people will do everything to bash him and the more they do the more it will line his pockets with even more money.

I am so tired of seeing the battle between good and evil when it comes to Trump, there is no good with him, it’s all evil and it will continue to get worse because to him it’s all a game. He wants you to hate him, he wants you to come at him, he loves the negative attention. Look at his show the Apprentice, he’s a total douche bag and yet everyone loves it. He even had to start his own production company just to put his shows on the air. He gets money every time you watch it, bash it, or even tweet about it. He is in control of most of Americas market and most likely makes money every time someone says his name.

This book is nothing more than a marketing gimmick, they use Trump not wanting it released just to sell copies and even moved the release date up by a week due to high demand. As a publisher myself I can tell you what they are doing and it’s brilliant. Using mass hysteria and hatred to sell millions of copies right off the press. Americans have become the little pigs and Trump is nothing more than the big bad wolf. How long will it be before we allow him to blow down our houses with his big windbag mouth?

There is always much hatred in politics, this party pays to bash the other and vice versa. Normally I hate politics but I did find it very entertaining this time as they had someone who basically made fun of himself so that the opposing party didn’t really have to. Trump ran for the fun of it, he cares nothing about this country nor its people. All he cares about is being the center of attention and money. What better way to get both than to be the president of a Country? He runs the country as well as most of the stuff within it. Stocks, casinos, hotels, TV he runs it all. Everything that the average American does will somehow give Trump more money in his pocket. It’s no wonder we have such a national debt and the poor people are becoming poorer as the rich are becoming richer.

There is so much controversy over this book that the more people argue about it, the more copies it sells and the more money the rich people make. I don’t understand how people can’t see this, they are feeding right into the drama. If everyone would just refuse to give attention to this ludicrous publicity then the media would have to do something different to divide the nation. The more we refuse to retaliate against the more they have to dish out and eventually they will stop.

There are a lot of people who hate to hear anything negative about Trump. The question is question is why? Why are they so defensive? What do they have to lose if someone else hates Trump? Do they feel like they, themselves are also being attacked if someone doesn’t like Trump and they do? We all have our own opinions and we are entitled to them. However, trying to force your opinions on other people is just plain rude and wrong. I don’t give a fuck what you believe or think or even do when it comes to politics. Vote for whomever you wish, I don’t care. But don’t sit there and bash me for my own believes and opinions just because they don’t match yours.

We all have free will and choices. Sadly some choose to follow a wolf in sheep’s clothing but that’s their choice. We don’t have to be that moronic. We may be considered a black sheep but it’s better than being a blinded sheep. I would rather stand alone on what I believe than follow the herd of something I don’t. I don’t claim to be a supporter of either party, I personally don’t vote for reasons that are my own. (I would be more than happy to tell them to anyone who asks). I don’t sit here and bitch about what this or that party did.

This article is a sum up of how I feel about all the crazy shit going on over a damn book. I can talk with people about stuff of this nature as long as it’s in a causal state and not in them trying to prove to me why they are right and why everyone else is wrong. I would be more than glad to talk to people about why I think the way I do as long as you come into the conversation with an open mind and don’t snap on me when I give you my opinion. I don’t sugar coat anything, I am not a bakery. If you ask me for my thoughts, you will get 100% honesty. I don’t’ tell anyone what they want to hear. I tell them what they need to hear. I am not a person to cater to others feelings. So that being said if this article offends you in any way I am not sorry for sharing my true thoughts on this matter. I am sorry that some people have a problem with those who actually speak their minds.


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    Sandy 1 year

    I agree. If trump just let the book be published it wouldnt of sold alot of copies but because he didnt want it publish it sold alot. Just because the people was like oh there something in there he doesnt want us to know about. Nope he just roped you in.

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