Sad VS. SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Have you ever felt sad or had the winter time blues? Had that depressed feeling around those holidays? Maybe it’s more than just being sad or the pressure of the upcoming holidays. You could be suffering from SAD also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD can have similar symptoms to regular depression, fatigue, hopelessness, social withdraw. Only difference is with SAD you typically only experience in during the winter months.

Most studies have shown that the reason people get SAD is due to the shorter days during the winter season. I am guessing that the lack of light makes people feel the darkness in a sense. In rare cases some people experience SAD during the spring but that’s not typical. SAD can be treated with light therapy, talk therapy and even medication. I’m not really sure what a light box is but if it takes away the sad feeling it’s worth a try.

SAD is not considered a separate disorder from depression but more of a sub category. Most people with depression have certain triggers whether it be stress, money, anxiety or the weather change it really doesn’t matter. It all falls under the same spectrum and similar techniques are used to treat each one. Music can also benefit those who have SAD or any other type of depression, something to fill their spirits and make them happy is always good for the soul.

This has also been linked to why more people commit suicide during the holidays as most just assume they are stressed with the commercialized environment we all live in today. The stress of spending too much money, traveling, decorating, etc. A lot of people would never realize that their sadness is really a very serious condition and they need help to cope with these winter time blues. I have seen many people over the years just about go over the edge during the winter time because they are stuck inside due to the cold or snowy weather, some who would normally go for a jog or walk when feeling blue, when the weather is bad there really isn’t much people can do to escape their sadness.

However, if they had someone to talk to it may not be as bad, they may not have that lonely feeling that the season leaves them with. Next time you see someone with the winter time blues take a few minutes to casually engage them into a conversation, nothing too personal but perhaps a simple have a wonderful day or You look nice today can go a long way.


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    Sandy 1 year

    WOW!never knew such thing existed.. something to think about.

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