Borderline Personality Disorder- Behind The Mask


Ever felt a sudden episode of rage, depression or anxiety? Maybe these are just normal mood swings and maybe not. How can you tell if you may have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)? People with this disorder have severe mood swings and drastic changes in how they see themselves and others around them. They have a fear of abandonment and will sometimes separate themselves from those who care about them in fear of being left. It’s as if they are getting away before they can be hurt. They have an unstable self-image and may or may not have dangerous behaviors, from binge eating to doing drastic adventures of self harm. Abusing drugs, driving too fast, skydiving, anything that will give them that rush of excitement that they are trying to harness for their self-image.

Their moods can last for hours and even days, they can feel empty and have difficulty controlling anger, crying and fear. They also have trouble trusting others and may feel as if everyone is against them. Therapy can be used to help the person learn to control their emotions and teach them to properly express how they feel. In some cases, medication could be required if the person has other mental disorders or are prone to excessive depressive episodes. It is very important to offer support if you know someone suffering from this disorder. They do not intentionally set out to hurt people. This disorder is different from Bipolar and Narcissistic disorders.

People with BPD are often cutters and are at a high risk for suicide. A lot of these people struggle when their brains are switching between the good and the bad, the normal and the abnormal. It’s important to understand the symptoms of this disorder and know that they are more than just a bad mood or grouchiness. This is a serious disorder and can cause many problems for the person with it as well as the people around them. They are very sensitive to rejections and separation. BPD often occurs when other disorders are present, such as anxiety and depression disorders and even substance abuse. The cause for this disorder is unknown but there has been a link between genetics and environments that have played a role in this disorder.

Some research has shown that the lack of Serotonin in the brain can cause this disorder as it controls the emotions in the body, including sadness, anger and happiness. That’s why in some cases medications such as Zoloft and Prozac are used in treatment. Giving the body the chemical it’s missing is a good way to balance it back out. There are some who believe that sex and chocolate can also help release this chemical which would explain why people with this disorder tend to seek affection and binge eat. They are searching for what they are lacking.

Just remember that people with BPD are not an enemy, it is not their goal to try to destroy you or anything around them. They have an imbalance that they can’t control. We should try to look at it from their perspective and not just assume that they are angry and hateful. We don’t always understand what another person has went through or is going through. Show some compassion and think about the roles being reversed. Treat them as you would like to be treated. People with mental and mood disorders are just like you, they just think and act differently because of how their brains are wired.


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    Sandee 1 year

    Wow! To be honest i never knew there was such a disorder. But after reading this ibknow quite a few people i can relate with this article.. i nkw look at it in a totally different way.

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