Star Wars Episode VIII: What to Expect

With the release so close and anticipation so high for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ fans of the franchise are wondering what they should expect from the film. Director Rian Johnson has stated multiple times that Episode VIII will be the “darkest” installment in the series. Judging from the recent trailers and many, many press releases that description proves to be true. The title of the movie alone is enough to make fans uneasy. Who is the the last Jedi?

Episode VIII picks up directly after the previous film. Rey comes to Luke for guidance in the ways of the force. Something inside her that has always been there has awakened and she needs the help of the last living Jedi to navigate through this new world. There is still one looming question that fans seem to want to know and speculate on the most. Who are Rey’s parents, where does she come from? That answer was promised to us by Johnson himself but it may have already been answered, thanks to ‘Battlefront 2’ the new video game that hit shelves last week. Rey’s parentage may have inadvertently been revealed to us. But it is hard to believe that minds behind Star Wars would give us that information in that way. Though it is nice to speculate on.

Across the galaxy, Kylo Ren is still struggling. Even after killing his father to complete is decent into the dark side. There is still unrest within him, the answers he sought to be answered after doing the dirty deed have yet to reveal themselves. So his status is still seemingly up in the air. Could he still be pulled back to light or is it too late for redemption? Rey and Kylo’s paths are intertwined. That is the entire dynamic of ‘The Last Jedi’. We do not know if Rey will turn to dark side by going Snoke and Kylo. The term “The Last Jedi” could mean so many things.

Fans can expect a world of struggle and turmoil within Luke as well. After all, he ran away from the fight after Kylo Ren betrayed him. For all we know he could have completely abandoned the old teachings of the force. In the trailers he is visibly afraid of the power that Rey holds within her, a power rivaling that of his first apprentice Kylo Ren. He does not want history to repeat itself. That fear could lead him to become an unfit master and push Rey to seek answers elsewhere. If that happens, what will he do in order to stop Rey from following the same path as his first pupil?

I think the community can expect a lot of darkness in this film. Everything seems to be so much more heavier and ominous this time around. With Finn, Poe, Leia and the rest of the Resistance looking to put an end to the First Order now more than ever, the stakes have been raised. A lot is on the line in this film and fans can expect something they have yet to witness in any Star Wars film. The Last Jedi will become a benchmark for future installments in the franchise and will be one we  will definitely remember from start to finish. I for one am so excited to see what unfolds.

The Last Jedi is set to premiere on December 15th, 2017.


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