Inner Reflection- What’s Yours?

Have you ever dealt with those people who think that they are better than you? You know the ones that no mater what you do you are wrong? I hate dealing with those types of people. The ones who think that their way is the only right way. The ones who try to make you out to be the bad guy even though you were only doing what you felt was best decision in the situation. Most of the time those people are narcissists and that’s why you have such a hard time dealing with them. They don’t ever see the flaws in themselves. They only see what you do wrong and anything they do wrong they project it to you. Sadly, a lot of the time the reason people try to act better than everyone else is because they hate their own self.

When a person isn’t happy with who they are, where they are or what they are they start to target other people in order to feel better about themselves. Because if they aren’t happy than they don’t want anyone else happy either. There are so many people in the world today that are self-centered, selfish, conceited, and down right arrogant. Some were raised to think they are better than other people for one of two reasons. They either come from wealth and were taught everyone else is below them or they were bullied as a child and to compensate they were taught that they were picked on because they were better than others and that other people were jealous of them but no matter which situation it is it can be very hard to deal with.

I have had the unfortunate luck of having to deal with the type of people who were convinced that they were bullied all because they were better than others so they think that everyone owes them something and no matter what I do I am always the wrong one. Sometimes people need to just suck it up and move on. I was bullied as a child for being different, short and because of my speech. Did I get babied and told that they were just jealous? No, I sucked it up, moved on and proved many of my haters wrong as I got older. For example, my second grade teacher told me I was stupid because I had trouble spelling and that I would never amount to anything that involved reading, writing or grammar. Well, here I am twenty-two or so years later, I have a degree in writing, own a book publishing company, write for different newspapers and magazines and have even had books published. I proved that teacher wrong because I used the negativity that was pushed against me as motivation to overcome. I didn’t allow it to push me down to where I had to resort to making excuses like oh well they are just jealous of me because I am better than them.

If people would stop getting so offended and learn to use the negativity as a way to produce something positive than the world would be a better place. Instead of making excuses or trying to be better than other people why not try helping someone you see struggling. Maybe offer a helping hand to someone who is being picked on, show them that not everyone is a bully. Try being nicer to the people who you might think are different. We are all to blame for how people act when you think about it. If you are one who likes to bash others than gets mad when they turn out the way they do in pretending they are all this or that than in reality it was kind of your problem or fault from the start. Don’t attack someone over something as stupid as their looks or outer appearance. Even those who are different on the inside shouldn’t be picked on.

I was accused of not liking a person because she was fat, well I have several friends who are on the bigger side and they don’t act like this particular person so why should her weight affect my opinion of her? That’s just it her weight has nothing to do with it, it’s her attitude of I’m so better than you because I’m fat. (and yes she actually said that to my face) People like that have a personality problem and it has nothing to do with what they look like. I try to be nice to everyone no matter the sex, race, age, size, etc. Even the ones who constantly try to drag me down and make fun of me, I still smile and move one. Kindness is one of the best weapons you can use against people who have an ugly heart. Don’t ever stoop to their level, it’s not worth your time or energy, smile and walk away. It’s about how you feel about yourself, not how others feel about you. I couldn’t care less if people liked me. I am me and that’s all I can be.


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    This is Awesome! I’m sharing it on 6 different pages right now! I don’t have to know you personally to support you! Keep shining and doing what you’re doing! ??

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    Thanks for the support, there are a lot of people who try to censor what I say lol I am grateful that I found somewhere that doesn’t and allows me to speak the truth.

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    Sandy 1 year

    Great nob! I couldn’t of put it in better words. It makes me sick to see how they act. Thier no better than the next person. I’m no better than the next person. Gosh what’s wrong with people?

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