Wasteful America: The Secrets That Retailers Don’t Want You to Know

It’s no surprise that we have world hunger seeing how the retail stores take care of their so called out of date items. You know those “Best if Used by Dates” on the foods you by? Most of those are basically sale by dates for retail stores. Granted some items like dairy and meat products are best to follow those in regards to they won’t last forever. However, can foods and basically anything still sealed will remain good for a lot longer than the date stamped on them. I have personally seen stores such as Walmart, Dollar Tree and CVS throw out food items that were still good, some that were a month at least from their Best if used by date. I once asked a manager why they didn’t donate the food items to those in need and their exact response was “It’s easier to write them off as damaged or as a loss than to donate them.”

What kind of society do we live in where stores will throw out food that is still edible instead of trying to help lower the world hunger rate? Sad thing is it’s not only our food they do this too but animal food as well. I have seen them take bags of dog food out back and drench it in bleach to dispose of it. Why can’t they donate it to a local animal shelter? Why do they have to ruin stuff that can still be valuable to someone? Now some of it I can understand, if it’s an item that is recalled due to E. coli or something I can see them destroying it or throwing it out so that it can’t be consumed, but to throw out items and write them off as expired is just crazy.

I remember once I had to stock candy and I was told to put the new candy behind the candy already there so the older candy could be sold first which made sense but then I was told that any candy that had a best if used by date of at least a month away was to be thrown out. They would make the employees find candy that was still good and put it into a bag and then put it in the back room until the next month and then they would write it off and throw it out. It all came down to the fact that they didn’t want to have to look at the dates every time they put the new stock out so they would pick a date a month or two ahead and get rid of all that candy so they didn’t have to do it again for a couple months and they could just shove the new items in there and basically half ass their jobs more than they normally do.

In all honesty it’s sad to see such a big corporation doing such despicable deeds. They would have not only a huge food drive with all the food they throw out but other items like clothes that are out of season and don’t sell, cleaning supplies, even holiday items that they just don’t want to put back in the store room they just take it out back and burn it. When they could be helping people in need. I have seen this happen with a display item. A bassinet cover to be exact, they didn’t have anymore in stock so instead of selling the display item to the person they took it out back and burned it. They make it to where you can’t just go grab items out of their dumpsters, they destroy them, they bust open packages of foods and dump them, they burn clothing and ruin all the items they are throwing out so that they ensure no one can recover anything they dispose of.

A video of a Walmart in Celina, Ohio was filmed throwing out several carts full of food that didn’t expire for a couple years. There are claims that the store had a power outage but having worked for these stores I know that they have back up generators and have seen them run off of those for days and the food still be fine. So their claims don’t seem to hold up against how their stores are set up. I think corporations like this should be stopped. They are a disgrace to communities everywhere.


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    sandee 1 year

    I totally agree. There are people out there who would be ever so great full to get the food and the clothes. It makes me so angry that these companies would rather destroy the merchandise instead of helping people in need. Great job on this article.

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    Santana 1 year

    I agree 100%…The food they waste could be used to help end world hunger,the clothes could help the homeless or the poor keep warm in the cold weather..And the dog food could go to the shelters thats stuffed plum full of poor inacent animals..They complain about how bad the world is but yet they throw out and destroy what could help this world..

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