Turtle Shell Publishing-Giving Back


Since we are in the month of November once again it’s time for our giving back promotion. I am the owner and publisher of Turtle Shell Publishing (formally known as Faith by Grace Publishing) and for this month we are offering a 10% off all orders sale by using the coupon code NOV17 at www.faithbygracepublishing.com. This offer will run until November 30, 2017 but we will also have other offers available throughout the year.

We have recently changed our company name and are in the process of switching everything over as well as doing promotions and events. We have several authors that have a story to tell, we have supernatural books about a girl who’s half vampire and half werewolf and she struggles mentally to handle who she is. It may seem like a typical supernatural book but its more than that, it speaks to those who struggle with personality disorders but in a way than makes them want to read it. We also have an author who used writing books as a way to heal after a traumatic brain injury. We have an author who is dyslexic and even one who used his skill of sketching to make a coloring book that tells of a journey through having depression/anxiety and borderline personality disorder. All of our authors are unique in their own way and we love them just the way they are. We have one international author who is from Australia and we even have a child writer who is only 9 at the moment but has published 1 book and did an anthology with some of her classmates from the 3rd grade last year. We accept authors of all ages and genres.

Now for the giving back part, from now until the end of 2017 we will be donating 10% off all proceeds to different local charities. Here at Turtle Shell Publishing we strive to tell stories that make a difference so why not reach out and try to make a difference in the local community. We are based out of West Virginia but local to us doesn’t mean stateside it means worldwide. We will look into different organizations to see where we can help and if you would like you can leave comments of your favorite charity and we will take those into consideration when we get ready to give back. We are looking for smaller charities that most people miss especially in light of the upcoming holidays.



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