Thor: Ragnork Review

After watching ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ a few months ago, I was sure that there was no other film this year that could match or exceed it. ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ tossed that preconceived thought out of the window and completely blew my mind. Ragnarok is the third film is the Thor storyline and is quiet possibly the best. This review is completely spoiler free, so fear not MCU fans who have yet to see the film.

We see Thor in brand new light in this film. He is a lot more confident and aware this time around, much more funnier as well. The opening scene sets the tone for the rest of film nicely. With excellent visuals and exciting fight sequences. Chris Hemsworth takes Thor on completely different path and I was there supporting it every step of the way. With Loki ruling over Asgard, disguised as Odin, his bother returns home to put a stop to the incoming doom dubbed “Ragnarok”. The scenes between Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Thor have gotten so hilarious and ridiculous, adding a layer of comic relief to the film, something that Marvel Studios does very well. While Loki believes that Asgard is enjoying peace under his rule, the absence of Odin has let their enemies run free. One enemy in particular has her sights set on the mystic city.

Hela (Cate Blanchett), first born daughter of Odin and sister to Loki and Thor, is the goddess of death. This character alone was my favorite and the best part of this film. As a long term fan and admirer of her’s I support everything she does. But she played this role so wonderfully. What Hela wants is power. She is most strongest while at her home in Asgard, so she seeks to rule over the city with a black thumb. With beauty that could kill you, more sarcasm than even Loki can handle and power that surpasses Thor’s, Hela shows us why Odin banished her time and time again. Her power is limitless. That power is put on display when she flings both Thor and Loki to a different world via the Bifrost road during their first encounter.

The boys land in a city where time passes slowly. Thor awakens to see that Loki has gained status in this new world and that he is now meant to fight in some sort of arena match, thanks to being kidnapped by a former Asgardian huntress and sold to the leader of the planet. One of best scenes in the film is when Hulk bursts through the barricades of the arena and Thor shouts in excitement, only to be greeted by giant green fists. I honestly cannot praise the fight scenes enough. In all of this trouble, Thor learns to control his power more effectively and looks to put together a team to escape the planet and defend Asgard from Hela.

Overall, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ breaks away from the mold of its previous installments. While watching I could not help but feel like I was watching a ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film. Ragnarok gave off that galactic feeling the entire time. The character development in Thor and Loki was fantastic and really fleshed out both of them more. Making them more lovable and believable characters. You actually find yourself rooting for Loki to make up with his brother, hoping that he will finally do the right thing and stand beside Thor. From an amazing cast, breathtaking visuals, an amazing soundtrack and endless laughs, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ proves why it was named the best reviewed Marvel film of its time. If you are a fan of the series or anything that Marvel produces, then you will love and appreciate this film. So I highly recommend you grab your friends, family or significant others and check out this masterpiece.

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is now playing in theaters everywhere.

Score: 10/10


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