Society-Stop The Hate

What is wrong with the world today? People lack respect, manners and morals. It’s no wonder we live in a spiraling environment that is full of nothing but hate. The world is basically on a repeat of past events but with todays technologies it makes it even worse. The world is full of sexual assaults, racism, homophobes and narcissists. Sadly, people look at this as a normal thing even though it shouldn’t be. Woman should be able to work without being sexual objects, men should be able to choose their own lifestyles without being persecuted. It’s crazy how todays world has such a backwards view on things. They think men are the only ones worth working and paying and even though woman can sometimes do a better job they are discriminated for their gender and if they are lucky enough to get the job they have to deal with such hellacious sexual assault that they end up leaving. Maybe that’s the mans plan, make the woman uncomfortable enough and they will go away. Men and woman are supposed to be equal but they still aren’t.

It’s just like all of the haters of the LGBT, I understand not everyone agrees with another’s point of view or choices, that’s normal. It’s human nature to express ones’ opinions whether they match that of another but there is a difference in expressing your opinion and casting judgment on something you don’t understand or agree in. I tend to avoid certain topics due to the fact that it makes me want to slap some people because they talk out of their ass and they don’t even understand their own argument on a subject that they know nothing about.

There was a big thing over in Egypt where gay men were being targeted but not the gay woman, some say that’s a homophobic act but in reality it’s an act of psychopaths because if a person is a homophobe they don’t like any homosexuals no matter what gender they are, so to target a particular gender based on their lifestyle choices is not homophobic it’s psychotic. Some claim that they are following their religious beliefs, that’s all fine and dandy except there should be no religious or spiritual belief that should ever tell you to harm yourself or another human being. In fact, if you are truly a religious or spiritual person you wouldn’t have the heart to harm someone else. If your religion or spiritual being is telling you to hurt another or even yourself than I think its time to reevaluate what you are allowing to enter into your heart and mind. That’s how a lot of these religions get a bad rep, because you get one psycho that does such a heinous act and blames it on his religion then all the people are targeted. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish or whatever. Just because you have a few moronic nut jobs out there protesting on behalf of their so called God it shouldn’t make all people of that religion bad.

Think before you act, it’s just like the whole gun control thing, yes we do need better gun control but people claim that guns kill people, this is true to an extent. Guns only kill people when they are handled by the wrong people, I mean have you ever seen a gun walk around by itself and randomly shoot people? No, gun crime is that of people who are full of hate, sadly some of the biggest events that killed people were done without a gun, for example 9/11 it was caused by using box cutters and planes but even before that some of the mass killings in this nation were caused by bombs or some sort of explosions and even back in the 70’s there were over 900 people killed by drinking poisoned Kool aid from a cult leader. Hence the saying “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.” Which sadly most people don’t understand and many think it’s a reference from a Family Guy Episode, but it shows that even with gun control mass killings can still happen due to the psychotic people that walk this earth.

Just because someone has a different perspective on something doesn’t make them right or wrong, we all have free will and we choose what path we want to follow. Don’t blame others for your actions, don’t judge others based on something you either don’t agree in or don’t understand. If you don’t agree in it then walk away, no one is forcing you to be apart of it. We all have our own opinions about everything and as much as we want others to think like us we are all unique and have a mind of our own. Don’t be a sheep following the herd, be an eagle and soar the sky, find your own path and don’t attack something that you think isn’t right just because you don’t want to be apart of it. You never know when you might be faced with the same dilemma and someone might not like what you are. Look past the person’s views and see their heart and soul. Stop the hate, stop the persecution, help your fellow man or woman instead of bashing them. We all bleed the same shade of red so it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that matters most.


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    Sandy 1 year

    Could not have been written better. I agree 100%. Great job

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    Amber 1 year

    Wow. Powerful stuff. Great job.

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