What is ESP and telepathy; Does it really exist in twins?


There are many wonders of the world that may stump our imagination or the scientific explanation of the circumstance that may not prevail as being truly in existence.


ESP and telepathy are among the debated explanations. Dictionary.com states that ESP is a form of extrasensory perception and telepathy is communication between minds by some other than sensory perception.


There are plenty of people who need to have scientific proof to support that ESP and telepathy exist in twins, such as a twin researcher, Dr. Nancy L. Segal, who states in her book, Entwined Lives that “There is no evidence that twins’ similarities are caused by mental communication between them.”


Another researcher, Dr. Eileen Pearlman is labeled as a “twin expert”. Pearlman is recorded as saying in an interview that, “There has been no scientific evidence to support ESP in twins.”


Now that we got that out of the way and the “twin experts” have paved the road for the “true findings” that no such actions of ESP and twin telepathy does not exist, we can absolutely agree with these findings. “Not so fast” claims an identical twin that has experienced the special bond that twins encounter through life and death. This well-experienced person is yours truly. I am an identical twin and have absolute true findings through personal experiences that many individuals can’t wrap their brains around.


My identical twin sister and I have used telepathy between us, as it was a normal occurrence of our daily lives. Many times it would occur without thinking too much about it. For example; Melanie, my identical twin and I would be in the same room and she answered my question before the words came out from my mouth and vice-versa. Just a small glance at each other sent us on a mission that no one else knew what the heck we were up to.

Our minds synced constantly in which it would interfere with school. The teachers and the school’s administration had to be taught of what obstacles we had to overcome. We were often accused of cheating on tests because we had the same exact answers correct and the same exact answers wrong, which was not so as I was seated across the entire room from Melanie and we never left our seats during the testing times. So from Elementary on we had to be in separate classes to keep our minds from combining together. Even as we became high school students the school administration made the mistake of having myself in one classroom and directly through the wall was another classroom where Melanie was stationed while we were set to take state required exams. The teachers thought it would be okay while I took the English test and Melanie the Math portion. Surely things would go smooth as butter. During that grueling 2 hours of trying to write essays and compose the correct sentence structure to find the correct answers, inside my head, my thoughts were consumed by fractions and algebraic equations. My eyes and hand would search for the answer with numbers and nothing could be matched on my answer sheet for the English portion. Later Melanie said she knew she failed. She replied, “I couldn’t think! All I saw was words and my math stuff was fuzzy.” We just kept our fingers crossed that we would both pass, even if it were by a point over failing. But no luck, we both failed miserably. With the persistence and demands from our mother of the administration to not to have Melanie and me near each other with testing we were granted one more try. This time we were placed at opposite ends of the school to re-test and when the results came in, we passed with A’s. It was difficult to explain the reasons why and how our minds worked as many teachers would chalk it up as great “storytelling”.


An example of experiencing ESP rings true as well. For example; I was a glazier for a commercial glass company and at work carrying a piece of glass with a suction cup, walking across the parking lot to set the glass in a church window opening. I was halfway to the building when I felt a sharp, electrified pain shoot in by back and ran down my spine. I immediately fell to my knees in agony and felt light-headed. The pain came out of nowhere and I glanced at my watch that read 2:30 pm. I called my twin sister and asked what happened today. She mentioned she was at the neurologist’s and had a nerve testing done that shoots electrical shocks in her back. I then asked her what time did that happened, she replied “2:30”.


In life and in death our souls and connections are still present. I was not in the car with my twin as our life ended. Yes, half of me died with her as half of her still lives within me. I saw her reactions and felt her pain as the drunk driver created a death sentence for Melanie and her husband. I knew Melanie was killed before I was notified… Because Melanie told me.



The CDC center of disease control and prevention states in their database that in 2015 there were 133,155 twin births in the United States and that 1 in 150 are Identical twins. So if “twin experts” are needed, then seek out twins for information and events that we experience and not assume that because science cannot back up this unique bond that it doesn’t exist.

ESP and telepathy do exist within twins, period.





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