Super Mario Odyssey Preview

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I am FINALLY bringing you a preview of the new upcoming Super Mario game. This will be first one for Nintendo’s new hit Switch console. I will try not to make it too spoiler-y.



The story begins with Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach (shocker), but this time he plans to marry her. Mario has to make his way through several Kingdoms and fight the Brutals, Bowser’s wedding planners, as he tries to find Bowser and Peach.

Helping along the way is Cappy, whose friend was also taken by Bowser. Cappy takes the place of Mario’s normal hat which gets stomped on by Bowser


Bowser’s wedding planners The Brutals.





Cappy’s original form.


Cappy as Mario’s hat.



In addition to Mario’s regular abilities, throwing Cappy gives Mario new abilities.

Here are a few:

  • Break Boxes
  • Break Blocks and Hit “?” Blocks
  • Collect Coins
  • Take Out Enemies
  • Circle Attack To Take Out Multiple Enemies Or Objects
  • Clear Spilled Poison
  • Propel Mario Through Air Or Power Lines When Tossed At Certain Objects
  • Knock Hats Off Enemies
  • Capture Certain Enemies And Use Their Abilities


Cappy lets Mario capture enemies and certain NPCs. Not all enemies are capturable. When Mario takes over enemies and NPCs, they wear Cappy and gain Mario’s mustache.

Here are a few enemies Mario can capture:


Bullet Bill

When you capture Bill you can only fly even with the canon that fired him. You can only hold him for a certain amount of time as he will blow up. He will also blow up when hitting all.



Capturing Uproot allows Mario to get to higher places than he would otherwise by stretching it’s long vine legs.


Fire Brother

Cousins of the Hammer Brothers, capturing a Fire Brother allows Mario to throw fireballs. While controlling a Fire Brother, Mario hops around instead of walking


Cheep Cheep

While in water areas Mario can capture the iconic Cheep-Cheep, which allows him to swim faster in any direction and breath underwater (otherwise Mario uses up stamina). While captured they have very little movement ability outside of water.



Using one of the Joy-Cons, another player can control Cappy while the first controls Mario. This can make certain puzzles easier.




The Odyssey is a ship Mario finds in the Cap Kingdom and allows him to travel to all the various other Kindgoms. The Odyssey requires powermoons to get to each Kingdom (this is similar to acquiring Stars to get to new areas in Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy).


Odyssey Exterior


Odyssey Interior



There are mainly two types of powermoons.


Single Powermoon

The single powermoon which are found all over the various kingdoms.


Triple Powermoon

The triple powermoon that is usually obtained from defeating bosses.


Powermoon Pieces

There are also powermoon pieces that summon a powermoon when you collect all five.


The World Of Super Mario Odyssey

In his quest to find Bowser and rescue Peach, Mario will travel through several different Kingdoms vastly different from the classic Mushroom Kingdom.

Here are some of the known Kingdoms:


Metro Kingdom: New Donk City

New Donk City is the first ever real world like location appearing in the Super Mario series. It is heavily inspired by the Donkey Kong series. The residents are humans and dress in mostly suits and fancy dresses.



Sand Kingdom

The Sand Kingdom is a desert location that has been frozen in some parts, and has a heavy Mexican/Aztec influence. The residents are mostly skeleton’s wearing Mexican clothes.

In the Sand Kingdom you can rent Jaxi, a stone Aztec looking lion that allows faster travel and travel across poison.


Jaxi – Mount in the Sand Kingdom




Wooded Kingdom

The Wooded Kingdom contains a lot of trees, but also has some girders you’d find in New Donk City in some areas. It’s residents are mostly steam powered robots that look like water cans.



Some of the other known Kingdoms:

  • The Cap Kingdom (Where game starts and you meet Cappy and get the Odyssey)
  • Seaside Kingdom
  • Luncheon Kingdom


Currency And Shops


Coin Indicator

There are two types of coins found in Super Mario Odyssey. The first are the traditional coins that have been in the Super Mario series from the beginning (but now can be used to purchase items), and purple coins specific to the Kingdom in which they are found.


Crazy Cap


Sand Kingdom Crazy Cap


Every Kingdom has a Crazy Cap store, where you buy costumes (some are needed to get to certain areas), decorations for the Odyssey, health items and other stuff. There are two shop types, one to use regular coins in yellow (which can be used in every Kingdom) and ones in which you use purple coins in purple (which can only be used in the Kingdom where they were found).


2D Gameplay

In some Kingdoms you can find paintings that look like classic 8-bit Mario on walls and floors. Mario can use a pipe to enter the painting. When he does he is changed into 8-bit along with any outfit he is wearing, the music also changes to the 8-bit music of old. While in this 2D mode Mario can only use his traditional jump and duck moves, and none of Cappy’s abilities are available. To leave the 2D mode Mario either has to take an exit pipe or break a block and jump back in to 3D environment.


Painting with classic 8-bit play.


Demo Impressions

Right now Target and Gamestop stores have demos of Super Mario Odyssey to play.You can pretty much play any part of the Sand Kingdom, but there is a time limit on how long you can play.

The mains enemies I encountered were yellow goombas (non capturable) and bullet bills. The bullet bill took some time to master when I caught them. You also get to try some areas that have the 2D classic feel game play.

Near one part of town you can find a Koopa dressed in the same clothes as the locals, who has a mini-game (presumably for a powermoon.) Just beyond him are some ruins the can’t be reached until you get Jaxi (not sure if he was disabled for the demo or you unlock him later) as it’s surrounded by a poisonous lake.

You can still do most of Mario’s classic moves including stomping, as I was able to stomp on the yellow goombas and the bullet bills. In order to do Cappy’s circular throw you have to have the Joy-Cons disconnected .

All in all, it has the classic feel of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy and I can’t wait to play it.



Players: 1-2 Players (Co-op)
ESRB Rating*: E (for Everyone)
Price: MSRP $59.99
Release Date: 10/27/2017
Platforms: Switch



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