Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Non-Spoiler Review)

Family. We all search and hold on to the bonds made by blood. It’s in our nature as humans. Sometimes our search can take us miles away from home but in this case, miles into the sea. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is the fifth installment in the series and quite possibly the last. The overwhelming feeling of family is a constant in this film as we are put in the shoes on Henry Turner (Brenton Thwaites). Yes, Turner, as in Will and Elizabeth. The young boy is on a quest to break the curse of the flying dutchmen that keeps his father bond to his ship and the sea, leaving him unable to return home.

But of course, during his journey, he aims to enlist the help of someone who we all know and love, the legendary Jack Sparrow. Who somehow once again finds himself in trouble at the beginning of the film. After waking up in the vault of the bank, Jack is thrown in jail and sentenced to death by gallows. I have to admit that going into this film I was hesitant to support Depp’s performance, given his repulsive behavior outside of the movie. But I still found myself enjoying the magic that Sparrow the character has emulated throughout the course of five films.

This pirates film bloomed where its previous sibling film failed. It gave us characters that we could invest in. much like with Will and Elizabeth back in the old days. Carina (Kaya Scodelario) was an excellent addition. She finds herself sailing with Henry and Jack as they search for ‘The Trident of Poseidon’. A magical item that has the power to control the sea and lift every curse brought on by the sea. Using a journal left to her by her father, Carina helps the scurvy lot in their mission. But what would a Pirate’s film be without Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) and some other nasty villain looking to trade Jack in for amnesty or gold? The main antagonists of this film happen to be ghosts. Yes, literal dead men. Led by Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem), who happens to have a personal vendetta with Jack, but honestly, who didn’t Jack cross in his years of piracy?

To be completely honest, I went into this with very low expectations. A Pirate’s film hasn’t held my attention since ‘At World’s End’. It should have been the perfect end, for the perfect trilogy. But it seems everything is cash grab these days. ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ restored my faith in the beloved franchise by introducing new characters that the audience could feel and hold on to, providing an interesting plot and giving us one hell of a villain as well. From the breathtaking taking landscapes, right down to the notorious screeching monkey, it was a very enjoyable watch.

We, the fans, have been asking for a resolution of the story of the Turner family, and Disney did not disappoint. The moment the brought in Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley, I was instantly brought back to my childhood. Seeing those two on screen together again gave me this overwhelming feeling of warmth and happiness. Making this film one of my favorites in the franchise. I sincerely hope that this is the last chapter in the book. After a supreme ending such as this, adding anything else after it would just tarnish everything that came before it.

I would highly recommend that you give this film a watch. You’ll be met with a night full of laughs and a soft feeling of hope and joy after seeing the final scene. Your heart will be singing ‘Yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for me’.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No tales is now available on digital download through iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. DVD/Blu-Ray release will follow on October 3rd, 2017.

Score: 9/10


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    Abby 1 year

    This film wasn’t bad, but I liked them all.

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