Ghosts: What’s that Noise?

Ghosts, spirits, or apparitions... What do these words mean? When we think of such words we think of the unliving, the living dead, or even the nonexistent. No matter how you perceive these words, the meaning is still the same. They mean something out of this world, but if not in this world, then what world are they in? No one really knows for sure, but there is a lot of speculation about stuff of this nature. I have always been fascinated with such tales and have even experienced some so-called ghost encounters in my life.


I have a friend whose brother runs TAE Crew (The Afterlife Expeditions) and she sent me some photos from one of their adventures, so I asked her to give me some information on ghost hunting. She said that they use special equipment that allows them to see the electric vibrations of a spirit. She said that when a spirit is near they make their presence known by draining the batteries in the meters, as well as yourself. These meters pick up what are called hotspots, so you know where the spirit’s energy is at. They also have special recording devices to pick up sounds that you can’t hear with just your ear, as well as special cameras to pick up thermal imaging;  ghosts are colder so they are easier to detect on these devices.


I would love to go ghost hunting; I think it would be cool It would be creepy, but awesome at the same. I have had experiences where I’ve seen ghosts. Now, granted, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I’ve seen little old ladies as plain as day, but no one else had seen them. A lot of people fear the unknown, but I think if they took time to brace the idea and seek answers, they would find a whole world waiting out there; a world full of mystery and excitement. Who knows what happens to us when we die, but since we are a ball of energy, you would think it would have to go somewhere right? Why not float around watching others live their lives, and enjoy being able to just chill out and not have to worry about anything?


Even if you don’t believe in ghosts or spirits, they are out there. Every time you feel a slight chill, those goosebumps that magically appear, or even that noise you thought you heard. How do we know it’s not the unliving trying to reach out and talk to us? Be open-minded, listen closely, and never shrug off something that you can’t explain because somewhere out there, somewhere close by there’s something wanting to be your friend.


Embrace it, for you never know when you might be on the other end trying to get the attention of the living…




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    Sandee 1 year

    So. Good. Loved it’! I’d like. To go ghost too

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    Sandee 1 year

    Love to go ghost hunting too

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    Angel 1 year

    Amazing post, it gave me chills. Looking forward to the next one.

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