Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Senator Ted Cruz really knocks one out of the park for Texas, you might even say he took the metaphorical bull by it’s horns, or in this instance one specific horn. Yesterday at the end of a long day of remembrance and mourning  Cruz decided the nation, and his penis, needed a pick me up, so like any true christian man, he liked a porn video, thus promoting it. Bear in mind this is not the conservative man’s first soiree with porn, in April 2016 he told the world that he had once watched porn with Sandra Day O’Connor, using the word “cantaloupe” to find said porn.

Officially his spokeswoman stepped in  stating “the offensive material posted has been removed”. Unofficially, she mistakenly confused a like for a post and thus has the potential to cause Cruz’s twitter presence issue in the future. Twitter’s official Terms of Service state that a user cannot promote adult content and graphic content through live video, profile images, or headers, but they mention nothing of liking said content.  So in lieu of that I have to wonder what excuses will Cruz make for his actions, personally I’m hoping for a “I did not have sexual relations with my hand” but I suspect we’ll get a much more meager response. Cruz’s liking of a hardcore porn video on Twitter should really come of no shock, everyone is human after all, but let’s just throw the bone on out there and say it’s no wonder he opposed net neutrality so much.


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