Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court Review

Darkest Dungeon has recently released its first DLC for PC. For those of you who haven’t played the base game Darkest Dungeon is a RPG that is often lauded as being one of the most difficult games in its genre. With its many facets of game play such as party stress management to town upgrading, the game is daunting at best for newcomers but well worth the effort.

The new map “The Courtyard” is set in the gardens of the estate, and comes with its own unique lighting level. Always set to Bloodlight, it provides a constant stress level to your party, on the plus side, all those torches you’re use to purchasing aren’t needed for anything more than accuracy boosting during combat. The dungeon is also crawling with the new mobs. One in particular, the bloodsucker is always ready to infect your party with the disease, vampirism, causing a big ruckus if you haven’t brought blood in with you. As a side note, once you do the first quest on this map you begin an infestation on other maps, adding a non-self contained mechanic to the game’s dungeons.

The new hero “The Flagellant” is a hilarious addition to the hero mix. As his name implies, he can only receive stress relief through the penance of flagellation and like Crusaders, Vestals and Lepers he will not party with an Abomination. His skills are a strange mixture of healing, bleed, and debuff clear focusing heavily on trying to martyr himself. The Flagellant is a pretty refreshing hero from always having to tote a vestal for healing around.  Red Hook Studios had some fun with this hero and set his default name to Damian after the Catholic saint who first introduced flagellation.

The new bosses and roaming boss are just as difficult as ever. Adding even more anger inducing mechanics and tomfoolery to the game. They definitely seemed to have heavily dipped into the RNG wagon on these bosses, as many have infuriating counters that rely purely on said RNG. The DLC also comes with the addition of specialized trinkets, and set bonuses, as well as, building upgrades within the hamlet.

All in all, the game was solid to begin with and the DLC didn’t let down. Red Hook Studios kept true to the game’s style and difficulty curb, and gave fans what they wanted, more reasons to pop a blood vessel, I mean, a new challenge.


Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Court is currently out on PC and available for purchase through Steam for 9.99 and has a release date of August 22 for PS4 and Vita.


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