Trump Card: F.E.M.A. Edition

With the Trump administration facing its first natural disaster, as Hurricane Harvey blows its way through southern Texas most of the U.S. is left to look onwards and wonder how the administration will handle the situation. While emergency services plead with residents to evacuate, and for those who choose to stay ask that they mark their arms with their social security numbers, the administration is sure to face many expectant eyes, already made public by Trump’s congratulations to the F.E.M.A. director, Anthony Scaramucci. This public display of ass kissing follows Trump’s attempts earlier this year  to cut funding for F.E.M.A. in the amount of 900 Million dollars.


Once again the nation is left with the almighty “Trump Card” the incredibly infamous attempts by our president to be able to play both sides of any situation and fail. You cannot say that F.E.M.A. is doing a good job and congratulate them, while also campaigning against them under a “waste of funding” platform. But my real question is, how will Texas react?


If you follow any sort of American politics, you know that Texas has notoriously been a hard republican state, with the last democrat winning the state to be Jimmy Carter in 1976. Is this due for a change, will the states reactions to Trump’s attempts to pull funding at the cost of their well-being tip the scales? It will be an interesting month to follow. More interesting will be the nation as we all recall just how devastating these natural disasters can be.


Our team will be closely monitoring the Hurricane and Trump’s responses and interactions with F.E.M.A. be sure to check back in for updates, as the storm rages on.

Update: As the floodwaters continue to rise and more lives are put to risk our presidential administration shows more and more how unprepared and unsuited for the job they are. All while the ACLU pleads with border patrol to cease checks while evacuations occur.

Please note, these ladies have been rescued (and the cat). While our president kicks back at Camp David “monitoring” the situation the weakest and more vulnerable among us suffer.


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