Healthy and Cheap: Eating in Vietnam

By: Daniel Wade

Vietnam is home to beautiful people and awe-inspiring natural landscapes. Go ahead if you don’t believe me, Google Vietnam and see just how amazing this country is.
 Pho has become a popular dish in America in recent years because of its great taste and healthy ingredients. But did you know that Pho originates from Vietnam? And that Pho from the source is much, much cheaper than in America? Well Pho back home costs me roughly $9-$13 depending on where I go and what type of pho I get. Here in Vietnam I just got done eating pho with a side of sticky rice spring rolls. The total cost of the meal was 60 VND which is roughly $2.67. 
I know what you’re thinking, you want me to mail you some pho. I’ll do you one better read my next article, Traveling: Turning a Dream into Reality and visit the country that has made you “Pho” crazy. 
Looking beyond the Pho craze there are so many other dishes here that are both tasty as they are intriguing. While staying in Hanoi I visit two restaurants that had a similar dish, “Pineapple rice veggie spring roll”. After seeing this both times I decided to give it a whirl. 10 minutes later my $2 appetizer arrived and I almost didn’t want to eat it. It was a hollowed-out pineapple with skewered spring rolls sticking out. Presentation was on point and so was the flavor. The vegetable spring rolls where rolled in a thin rice layer and then slightly fried to create a crunch and a golden-brown shell on the outside. It was served with a mildly spicy peanut vinegar sauce that was literally something I wrote home about.
With no shortage of cheap delicious food around I would say that the Vietnamese defiantly have something figured out. With little wheat in their diet and most of their food consisting of vegetables, leafy greens or rice, it is easy to see why everyone here is so fit. 
Another reason why the food is so healthy is the quality of the food you are getting. Vietnam has a farm-to-table style of food consumption which cuts out unneeded highly processed foods like in America. Being able to eat a bowl of Pho, spring rolls and dessert and not feel grossly full is how it should be. Ordering dessert in Vietnam is totally different than in the states. Dessert is usually some type of fruit either plain or with yogurt. Sugar consumption here is nearly very little, besides the overly abundant of sugar packets they give you with their trucker-coffee strong coffee. 
When it’s all said and done I spend on average $13 a day on food here in Vietnam and I feel healthy doing so. Eating in Vietnam is getting not two but three birds with one stone; cheap, healthy and delicious. 



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