Wine dates back to six thousand and one hundred years ago. A standardized wine bottle includes precisely three to four hundred grapes. Analyzing a head change pops off timid discussion of a pondering person’s order of favorites between Indica versus Sativa, hard alcohol versus wine versus beer…steering conversations toward opinions of formulating likes from visual(s) past(s).

In choosing the order of trial and error testing the self with experimental timing of random choosing is like–what? Where the flip is this dude going? Philosophers club in one of ten of the local woods, circular gathering style? Stay on a news topic not an extracurricular activity for points. There’s growth in our minds if and when indulging in earth. Everyone picks their buzz and it may be that simple. Classificationizing chunks of humans, while at work is where the majority of friendships will push and play politics. Spoken words and which buzz to choose. Not really sure what the definition of buzz is. Yeah, not me personally.

A researcher from “over there” learned through his poll on averaged words and letters read per person per day that eyeballs are maybe sensitive things. Three categories of phone words, computer words, or non screen words of ink to paper. The New York Psychology Journal will allow his results to be posted and printed after one million individuals take the poll’s 7 minute (average) questionnaire. Without forehead cams and internal word counters, the study will hit the market eventually. Words per day per screened device and physical non digital words, numbers and signs is kind of what they are thinking about naming the research project…

If cell phones stopped holding data and were only able to make calls, zero text capability. It’s almost as if we rush towards weird futuristic cars. With a self driving car, would you prefer wine, beer or liquor? Will boats drive themselves too at some point? Copters and planes too…and drones and such? If working from home becomes more popular, the buzz may be that of mead, supposedly the oldest drink in the book. Science says chemical diagnostics of super super old residue confirmed a fermented drink made up of grapes, berries, honey and rice was being produced between 6800 and 7000 B.C. or about nine thousandish years ago. Sensitivity to screen glare can hurt the eyes just as much as not tasting what your sense of taste picks up on. Pick your poison, so they say. It’s not rocket science, everything happens for a reason. Good luck to you all on the twenty to ten million forks in the road on today’s floating agenda.


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