The Little Things in Life

The sky is an ever-changing painting.  The artist that painted the sky must have had a wild imagination to create such a marvel.  The artist also had a deep passion for blues and reds– both of which are symbols for happiness and great pain.  I wish I could fly, up past the clouds and meet the one who painted the skies.  It’s like an ever-changing painting, never to be the same twice.  Whoever or whomever made this marvelous wonder, I want to thank the person or persons for making something so beautiful.

The rising of the sun sparks a feeling of happiness, a new beginning of a new day.  It also makes us feel that with the coming of a new day, we can forget what has happened yesterday.  The rising sun creates a beautiful mixture of blues, purples, and yellows in a way in which it appears as if someone has taken an airbrush, making the clouds dance and arc across the sky.  The setting sun makes a lot of us uneasy.  Perhaps we are even a bit antsy, for we know we must rest and prepare ourselves for another war against our own wondering minds, aching bodies, and the stresses of everyday life.  As the sun sets, the colors turn from tranquil blues and purples, to a burning horizon.  Some people may like watching the sun set, while others feel it to be a symbol of pain and death.

It does not seem real to me. It is as if I could pluck a cloud right out of the sky, or even push or pull the clouds to make them resemble a bird’s ruffled feathers.  As children, we point out to what may appear to us as a dog, boat, or person’s face.  When we age and “put our childishness aside,” we lose the beauty, only seeing stars, planets, etc.  We become obsessed with what may be above the sky.  Most people believe in a paradise, the heavens, or another place for an afterlife.  These places and an afterlife have not been proven to be true, yet people still believe.

The first peoples to inhabit this world looked to the sky for answers and pure wonder.  They believed it was where their god(s) and goddess(es) lived and watched over them.  The stars were lesser gods and goddesses or spirits that changed the sky from night to day, brought storms, and blessed the lands with rain or sunshine for their crops to grow.

Philosophical Idea
I was very imaginative as a child.  I believed the sky was not real because it looked too much like a painting I had once seen.  From the Bible, my church believed the sky was the heavens and there were the “saved” on the other side of the clouds, watching over us.  However, I did not want to believe as they did.  I tried to keep myself separated from religious beliefs of not only my church, but for all religions.  I believe that the spirits paint the skies and create “storms” to punish those who have done wrong to another.  Those spirits also created beasts with many eyes to light up the land when the sun moves on to another part of Earth.  The sky, to me, is an ever-moving painting, a marvel for all to behold. Only do the relentless thinkers and daydreamers see its true beauty.

The sky must have been painted by an otherworldly force.  For who could create such a wonder and can alter it whenever he or she deems necessary?  When discussing something such as this, it is a philosophical idea.  Each person has his or her own view, belief, and imagination.  Yes, they may be tampered with by sharp word which could change what he or she thinks entirely.  Yet, a true dreamer and philosopher bends only slightly, never breaks to conform to another.

The Sun & The Moon
The sun creates those yellowish outlines at both sunrise and sunset.  For those, I believed them to be the spirits and the departed who were waking or preparing for sleep.  The way the sun shines rays down reminds me of staircases.  I wondered if I could ever get close enough to one to see if it was so.

As the sun moves to another part of the world, the moon is left to illuminate the land for us to see.  The stars were made to assist the moon.  They are but painted white and silver dots, but mean much more in terms of magnificence.  The stars are there to help find our way if we find ourselves lost.

Both the sun and the moon have their effects upon how the sky looks.  Even on cloudy days and nights, they are there to light up the sky.  Yet, they both have their limitations, for that’s why they move constantly around our world.  They seek to make the sky not only a pretty sight to see, but a way to know when to rest and when to work.

Illusions of the Mind
Our minds create many things from the clouds and stars.  We then begin to wonder if we could sit on top a cloud and float around the world.  We imagine people or animals dancing on those clouds as carefree as could be.  At night, we do the same thing with stars.  We pick out constellations or our own set of dots, while the moon gazes down with a happy smile, knowing that it can help draw us out of our homes and towns to see those stars.

We see the sky as the heavens, a place for the afterlife and a form of art.  The setting sun is symbol of pain and death, while the rising sun is a symbol for change and rebirth.  The way they affect the sky plays a huge role in what we perceive in our minds for religious purposes and our desires to reach higher than the sky.

I believed that I could reach up and pluck a cloud, or stir the paint to make the sky change a different scene, because I thought it really was painting and not real at all.  It once came to mind that if I did try to stir up the sky, that it would be as if I was drawing in the sand or dirt, or even causing a rippling affect in a puddle of water.  I started painting skies because of how wrapped up as a child I was.  And, even though I am not as good as the spirits or that master artist, it is my view of what the sky looks like.

Setting Sun
Try as we might, no one can paint something like the sky, and make changes every single second for all eternity.  The colors, formations of the clouds, and the sun, moon, and stars all work together to provide beauty as well as guidance for when we are lost.

I believe the sky to be an ever-changing painting that only spirits or a master artist could create.  When the sky is blue and there are a few clouds, I wish that I could pluck out of those clouds or take a hand and stir up the sky to make a different scene.

We as human beings tend to forget the marvel that is the sky.  We get so wrapped up in what is going on in our lives that the simple things are temporarily forgotten.  The sky is always there, waiting for us to admire it once more.  Everyone should take the time to enjoy the stars, the rising and setting sun instead of city lights and cell phone screens.  For if we don’t, our hearts and minds will see their own setting sun, with no sunrise to follow.


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    Jeanne Erzinger 2 years

    Very poetic!

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    Unfortunately she moved on. This is a jumping off point. Getting good writers noticed is my purpose.

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