Music and Mother Nature

Its been proven time and time again that going outside is good for the mind. For the healer and the healing type,.. sometimes mental fragility can cloud thought trains to pathways which, may create external positive energy motion toward certain hard sufferers. A wealthy person’s trip to the grocery store versus the more poor persons experience.. Temperature differences per aisle, uncontrolled face displays from each shoppers forward foots step. Yet cycles of thoughts in circular fashion must continuously spin at varieties of speeds, the choice of what to consume will take its power. Some bring a list, where some walk slow. Some play math with tags, where some focus on their gut-reaction to possible bodily reactions.

While inside home, some have taken to food delivery services that continuously become offered in cell phone apps. Avoiding random stranger eye contact as well as maneuvers around machinery to gain food to carry. When a suburbs prices go up, with houses closer and closer, neighbors then choose fence height and color. Depending on cityness and rurality, one chooses when to cut the grass and fenced in vegetation. Depending on the fence, trees and mind, the verbal conversation will take its course due partly to the cosmetics of the yard. A barbeque and beer may increase the volume of people and tunatree… As certain sitters of certain chairs may think of the ears of neighbors in 3 directions, some may not. Ears to ears.

When it comes to sensitivity, ear damage and brain damage will always guide many conversations in many different ways. If there is seed to feed the birds in one of the 4 fenced touching yards, one may witness more flight during a daylight sit. The roots and soil condition will effect walking comfort and lawnmower outings. Rain and sun are maybe just simply god in a sense. Headphones with phone music get pushed hard to the ear’s drum. They say cassettes and vinyl records may be coming back, but if you ever say ‘they’ then you must pause and think of who the word equals.

When it comes to focus, a birds hunt of the worm comes from its eyes, nose and wing skill… The squirrel jumping from rooftop to tree has one of 600 thoughts, maybe the critter was attempting to showing off. To bring grass back from the dead? The crispy soil and golden burnt grass need water not just from the rain some may imagine. In a gardener competition, is the end goal accidental spiritual guidance through hand altered color combinations. To eat something from a novice amateur plant planters yard may bring on a bug. If a short apple tree leans and touches its branches to the grass, is there a higher likelihood of more bugs? They don’t seem to be good for anything, but my natural side would imagine they have to be. I still wonder the good purposes and reasons of mosquitoes and weeds.

If a guy moves some dirt around, something is going to change. If his music is in his headphones it won’t be the same. If his music is heard by birds, trees and bugs, the scenario is safer. Anything that grows in the backyard is a different style of life. Do certain birds enjoy certain human songs more than others? Picking the next mini project in an afternoon of leisurely landscaping is where we pause. The person who worries of neighbors sensitivities inside their sensitivities may need to first think of sleeping birds. It has and must be a design, the outside exposed elements of a house. Front lawns vs backyard lawns will be worked on in different styles, naturally by most. For the percent of you with yards, try to push yourself to welcome in friends and family, as well as friends and family of friends and families.


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