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Sorry for the lateness of this article, I am in the midst of a vacation and as this is the first month including movies and a TV schedule by day it took me a while to get it formatted properly. In the future I will make sure all my monthlies are done within a few days of the first of the month.

For shows we have the return of Fear The Walking Dead, Preacher, Dark Matters, Food Network Star and new show The Mist, and ABC revivals of The Gong Show and Battle of The Network Stars, and A&E is doing mini-series about the rappers BIGGIE and Tupac.

For the big screen we have have a few blockbusters, the LOOONG awaited Wonder Woman is breaking box office records (check out Fletcher’s awesome spoiler filled review here), later this month the fifth Michael Bay Fighting Balls Of Metal and Explosions… I mean Transformers comes out, the highly popular Despicable Me 3 comes out at the end of the month, and we also have Baby Driver an action pack movie that is very reminiscent of Jason Statham’s Transporter movies (I have all three on DVD or Blu-Ray).


Boob Tubes


King of Queens Can’t Wait



The past few weeks CBS has made a controversial decision in regards to the Kevin James show Kevin Can Wait. The show stars Kevin James as Kevin Gable, a retired police officer who wants to have more time to spend with his wife and three kids. Leah Remini (who played Kevin’s wife on King of Queens for 9 years) appeared in the two part season finale as his former coworker from the police department.


(Credit: CBS)


The day following the announcement that Leah Remini’s character would be a regular in season 2 (the two part finale garnered high ratings because of Leah and Kevins’s reunion) it was announced Erinn Hayes who plays Kevin’s wife has been let go from the series. No word yet how this will affect the overall show. (Sources: The Hollywood Reporter 1,2)


Boob Tubes Schedule



8p E/ 7p C

  • ABC – Celebrity Family Feud Season 4

9p E/ 8p C

  • AMC – Fear the Walking Dead Season 3

The spin-off of the highly popular The Walking Dead just started it’s third season. After leaving the confines of the hotel in season 2 Madison and company come across a compound run by the mysterious Jeremiah Otto. Hopefully we’ll also find out where the hell Ofelia ran off to last season.



Starring: Kim Dickens, Frank Dillane
Previous Seasons: Seasons 1 and 2 available on Hulu


  • FOX – American Grit Season 2
  • FOOD- Food Network Star Season 13

The popular reality show that brought Guy Fieri to fame (he was the winner of season 2) is on it’s 13th season.



  • PBS – Grantchester Season 3 Premieres June 18
  • TNT – CLAWS New Series


10p E/ 9p C

  • ABC – $100,000 Pyramid Season 2


11:30p E/ 10:30p C

  • CC* – Legends of Chamberlain Heights Season 2 Premieres June 18



8p E/ 7p C

  • FOX – So You Think You Can Dance Season 14
  • NBC – American Ninja Warrior Season 6

The show that tests peoples strength, agility and endurance and is based on the Japanese version, returns for it’s Sixth Season. Team Ninja Warrior is still airing on USA Tuesday’s at 10p E/ 9p E, the finals start next week.



9p E/ 8p C

  • AMC – Preacher Season 2 (Premieres Sunday 25th 10p E/ 9p C then moves to Mondays)


Starring: Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, Ruth Negga
Previous Seasons: Season 1 available on Hulu

  • FOX – SUPERHUMAN New Series


10p E/ 9p C

  • NBC – Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge Season 2



9p E/ 8p C

  • Syfy – Face Off Season 12 Premieres June 13



10p E/ 9p C

  • Spike – Ink Master Season 9



10:30p E/ 9:30p C




9p E/ 8p C

  • A&E – BIGGIE: THE LIFE OF NOTORIOUS B.I.G. Miniseries Begins June 28
  • CC* – HOOD ADJACENT WITH JAMES DAVIS New Series Premieres June 28


10p E/ 9p C

  • BBCA* – Broadchurch Season 3 (Final Season) Premieres June 28



  • Syfy – BLOOD DRIVE New Series Premieres June 14



8p E/ 7p C

  • ABC – BOY BAND New Series 2-hour premiere June 22
  • NBC – Hollywood Game Night Season 5 Premieres June 22


9p E/ 8p C

  • A&E – WHO KILLED TUPAC? Miniseries Premieres June 29
  • ABC. – BATTLE OF THE NETWORK STARS New Series Premieres June 29
  • CBS – Big Brother Season 19 (2 Hour Season Premiere Wednesday, June 28th 8p E/ 7p C)
  • PBS – The Tunnel: Sabotage Season 2 Premiere June 15


10p E/ 9p C

  • ABC – THE GONG SHOW New Series Premieres June 22
  • CBS – Zoo Season 3 Premieres June 29
  • NBC – The Night Shift Season 4 Premieres June 22
  • Spike – The Mist Series Premiere June 22

A new series based on the short story by Stephen King comes to Spike. The series will be a new adaption and not related to the movie The Mist starring Thomas Jane that was released 10 years ago.



Starring: Alyssa Sutherland, Isiah Whitlock Jr.


  • USA – Queen of the South Season 2



8p E/ 7p C

  • The CW – Masters of Illusion Season 6 Premieres June 30
  • SyFy – Killjoys Season 3 Premieres June 30


9p E/ 8p C

  • PBS – The Great British Baking Show Season 4 Premieres June 16
  • Syfy – Dark Matter Season 3

The Sci-fi show about former criminals trying to make good but haunted by their pasts, returns for a Third Season after leaving viewers with a nail-biting cliff hanger.



Starring: Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr.
Previous Seasons: Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix


10p E/ 9p C

Syfy- Wynonna Earp Season 2



8p E/ 7p C

  • CC*- 8 p.m. – Idiotsitter Season 2
  • NBC – NBC Sports: Nitro Circus One Night Event June 24


9p E/ 8p C

  • AMC – Turn: Washington’s Spies Season 4 Premieres June 17


10p E/ 9p C

  • BBCA* – Orphan Black Season 5 (Final Season)



BBCA = BBC America
CC = Comedy Central


Silver Screens


Friday, June 2

Nationwide Release

  • Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie 3D (Animated) PG
  • Wonder Woman (Action/Adventure) PG-13




  • 3 Idiots (Comedy) PG-13D PG-13
  • Score: A Film Music Documentary (Documentary)
  • The Book of Henry (Drama) PG-13



Monday, June 19


  • Resident Evil: Vendetta (Animated) R

As part of Fathom events Resident Evil: Vendetta is getting a limited theater release before coming to digital and DVD/Blu-Ray. Vendetta is unrelated to the Milla Jovovich live action franchise, it is in the game universe and bridges the gap between games 6 and 7.



Digital Release: June 20
Video Release: July 18 DVD/Blu-Ray/4K


Wednesday, June 21


  • Transformers: The Last Knight (Action/Adventure) PG-13


Friday, June 23


  • A Beginner’s Guide To Snuff (Horror)
  • The Bad Batch (Sci-Fi) R
  • The Big Sick Romantic (Comedy) R


Wednesday, June 28


  • Baby Driver (Action)



Friday, June 30


  • Despicable Me 3 3D (Animated) PG Nationwide



  • The Beguiled (Western) Nationwide
  • The House (Comedy) R Nationwide


  • 2:22 (Thriller) PG-13
  • Inconceivable (Thriller) R
  • The Reagan Show (Documentary)




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