Alien Covenant (SPOILERS)

I didn’t know quite what to expect from this, but it didn’t let me down. I understand why Ridley Scott decided to direct it. It deserved him. He directed the first Alien, and I’m not sure who’s idea it was to use the score from the first film in the franchise, but it brings back memories of it. But this wasn’t a suspense film. That’s why the first one made such an impression. 

I should start by saying that if you haven’t seen Prometheus, you really should prior to seeing this, or some key elements will be confusing or just won’t make sense. It takes place a decade after the events of Prometheus. Yet starts before it.  Spacecraft Covenant is en route to a potential human colony world, but is hit with a neutrino burst from a stellar explosion. (That’s not what neutrinos do, but habitable planets aren’t likely to be nearby, so deal with scientific inaccuracy.) During the sorting out all the problems this causes, they pick up a radio transmission of John Denver, and better conditions for colonization from a much closer planet. Naturally they divert to visit this planet and abandon the prior target for the most part. I won’t give everything away, but planet John Denver (not what they call it) actually is the home planet of the “engineers” in Prometheus. I’m not sure what Prometheus 2 will be about, but this could’ve been called that. There’s no animal life whatsoever. No engineers, nothing but Wheat and…something else. The bio-weapon the engineers designed to wipe us out. Why is it there? Those beings didn’t make it at home, for good reason. Remember the android David? And Elizabeth Shaw, who set a course for their home? They arrived there, and David opened the cargo doors and dropped all of the deadly cargo like 10,000 bombs, killing everything non-plant the planet had. All the engineers. And murdered Dr. Shaw. David has issues. Dead aliens, dead engineers, all over the place. 

David had a decade alone to study the weapon. The aliens aren’t interested in him because they can’t use him for food or reproducing. But he figured out how to communicate with them, bred and cross-bred and improved their efficiency. So the aliens we’re familiar with are an even better version of the kind the engineers designed. Designed by an android designed by humans. It’s a plot concept I would never have anticipated. There’s a few other parts of story, but I don’t want to ruin everything. 

If you’re a fan of the franchise, this is definitely worth seeing. The picture above is David watching his bombs drop. The most fantastic bio-weapon someone could conceive of. 

UPDATE: This is the most disturbing, disgusting and downright gross one in the franchise. I enjoyed that, but others might need to vomit. You’ve been warned. 


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