Trump Accuses Obama Of Wiretapping Trump Tower

This week, president Trump took to Twitter (this is going to be the intro to so many articles in the next 4-8 years, I swear…) to accuse former president Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower in the months prior to Trump being elected in October.

A couple of issues right off the bat; first, a president cannot order a wiretap. It has to go through a special court which deals specifically with wiretapping requests from the FBI. Several staff members of the former president came out in his defense and said Obama did no such thing.

Now, the mainstream media floundered all over this story as soon as it broke and everyone declared that Trump was making baseless and evidence-free claims. However, it turns out that Trump actually based his claims on two warrant requests from the FBI to the special court on wiretaps. The first of these warrants was rejected, but the second was accepted.

The basis for the wiretapping warrant requests was that a server at Trump Tower was found to be communicating with a Russian bank. This is itself not of much note, and the conclusion that the FBI came to was the same, but what raised some interest was that there was apparently enough evidence of potential wrongdoing to cause a judge to see probable cause to issue a wiretapping warrant.

This is just another entry in the odd unfolding saga of Trump and his supposed involvement with Russia. This will be remembered as one of the less notable points from the aspect that it says very little about Trump himself.

So, does this say something sinister about the Obama administration and its last days? Well, on one hand, investigating a major opposing political candidate just before an election is suspect, certainly, but not everything an administration does is directly connected to the president. Not every investigation is the product of a direct presidential order. Considering this, Obama himself may not be to blame for this investigation if there is indeed blame to lay.

On the other hand, it is possible that Obama was attempting to discover reasons to disqualify (effectively or legally) Trump from the presidential race. Anything more on this topic is conjecture, but I’m sure Trump will provide all the conjecture we can handle via Twitter.



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