When a Liberal loses patience with Liberals

The recent election of Tom Perez as DNC chair brought my attention less to his election and rather more so to the response from democrat voters to his election. Immediatly it was as if I had been dragged back in time to a year ago. I thought I was seeing the entire BernieOrBust debate all over again. With everything happening in the country, with what is happening right now in Washington, democrat voters still have the nerve and the willingness to whine and promise to divest themselves of their party because ‘Tom Perez is too establishment and I wanted the other guy so fuck all of you’. That’s what I saw today. So I wanted to delve into that a little below, and stay with me, as I will lay out some fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats, and why Democrats lose elections and may continue to lose them…
One of the most common complaints thrown at liberals by conservatives is that they (liberals) are cry babies. That they cry and protest if they can’t get what they want, and that everything has to be suited exactly to their needs. Technically, Republicans are actually much more sensitive and prone to complaint than Democrats in general. They’re offended by phrases like happy holidays, the idea that our country isn’t Christian nation. They’re offended by reporting things they don’t like such as racial violence. Starbucks coffee cups and the way another person dresses, marries or chooses to sleep with bother them. So overall, Republicans are basically enraged by virtually everything, and usually things that don’t actually affect them in any way. That being said, when a Republican calls Democrats cry babies, they aren’t entirely wrong.

Generally speaking, Republicans will claim that Democrats are intolerant of anyone that doesn’t agree with them, so that must mean they’re cry babies. In truth, Democrats are far more tolerant of differences in people. A Democrat doesn’t care if you’re gay or straight, white or black, Muslim or Christian. They don’t care if you immigrated here or were born here. They don’t care if you’re a man or a woman. It doesn’t bother them if you want to dress the way you choose or marry the person you want to marry. What they are intolerant of are systems and philosophies in which any of those freedoms are inhibited. Thus they earn the tag ‘intolerant’ because they don’t tolerate other people’s intolerance. While that sentence rolls back and forth in your brain for a minute I’ll elaborate. A Republican believes that freedom means the freedom to inhibit, discriminate or impose one’s views on others. A Democrat believes freedom means being free from having to conform to someone else’s version of who and what you should be. The reality is Republicans don’t actually want a free country – because freedom would mean everyone is free. The movement to give everyone a voice and a chair means Democrats have to impose their views on Republicans, the same way Republicans want to impose their views on Democrats. The difference is the only view a Democrat is imposing on a Republican is to stop legislating someone else’s life, and that every American, regardless of their sexuality, religion, gender or color deserves a seat at the table.

Taking all of that into account – the Republican assertiong that Democrats are cry babies is not entirely untrue. It’s simply not true in the way Republicans apply it. Democrats aren’t cry babies because they protest whenever a cop shoots an unarmed man, or when a state legislator attempts to pass a bill striking at women, people of color or the LGBT community. Democrats are cry babies because of one reason, and that reason is…

THEY CAN’T GET THEIR FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER AND FUCKING UNITE. Bitch let me inform you of fucking something. The world is not a god damn version of whatever fucking fantasy you think it should be and pissing like a fucking bitch because Bernie Sanders or fucking Jill Stein didn’t get the god damn nomination.
Cunt let me see if I can explain something to you. The Democrats lost. They lost everything. The last fucking victory they had was Obama and even after achieving election victory for him twice, they(Democrats) couldn’t unite or come together sufficiently to maintain control of the House and the Senate. Governor races across the country went to Republicans, and eventually, and in the greatest failure of democrat voters – NOTE I SAID VOTERS, NOT THE PARTY – was in the last Presidential election. Let me basically recount what happened in case you fucking forgot.

One of the most repulsive men to have ever stepped infront of a podium appealed to the lowest squalor of our country’s deepest seated hatreds and promised to squander the country’s money, target people based on religion and wage war on an entire demographic of our population(Latin Americans). While this was going on, do you know the biggest concern Democrats had? Do you know what they were discussing and debating? Here’s a hint, motherfucker, it wasn’t the guy running for the Republicans. Democrats were at war with themselves because BERNIE SANDERS DIDN’T GET THE GOD DAMN NOMINATIOn. While the very future of our country was at stake liberals were and STILL FUCKING DO point fingers at other members of their party and complain that it was somebody else’s fault, because Hillary got the nomination and oh my god I can’t vote for her and I will not be bullied into voting for whatever insane, backward, slack jawed conspiracy theory version of Clinton that they’d decided to lap up like a piece of white trash reading the Enquirer.

With Tom Perez’s election as DNC chair, I came to realize that even after the failure in the last election – even after seeing the results of that failure coming to fruition in the form of the legislation being pushed in Washington; deregulating business, dismantling the EPA and our education system, a broad attack on any brown person that might be Muslim and a President whose behavior is frankly disturbed – Democrats still took time out of their day to sit down and fucking piss like a gap toothed bunch of cunts because Tom Perez wasn’t their fucking pick. Because he wasn’t perfect.

Bitch let me make sure you understand how life works. You aren’t going to get exactly what you want in whatever way you want it all the time. Life is fucking compromise. The man is still a democrat, he still represents the party and liberal ideals the same fucking way Hillary Clinton did while you were fretting over how many people she murdered and devoured while placating Satan on her carnage riddled rise to the top.

So how about this? Instead of divesting yourself of your only political representation in this country and pointing to the person next to you while your latin american neighboors are being dragged out of their home and detained like this was Nazi germany or your Muslim coworker is denied reentry to the country even though he or she is a US citizen and saying well that was your fault so you can own that because I voted my conscious and picked the fucking Tooth Fairy. Instead of that, how about you learn the one thing Republicans have mastered? How about you learn party unity? How about you learn what political compromise is, and that simply demanding that you should have a socialist Eden doesn’t mean you’re going to get it over night?

You want a better country, nutsack? Then you better start uniting behind liberal candidates because Republicans aren’t going to give you one and if your political objective is to protest your own party because the fucking candidate you wanted didn’t get the nomination you are going to find out what twenty years of Republican controlled Washington is like.

The Republican party is basically the party of absolute party loyalty. They’ll unite behind any candidate or any legislation no matter what as long as it’s coming from a Republican. It is irrelevant to Republicans if thousands of Americans die in mass shootings or pointless wars abroad, it is irrelevant to them if the economy crashes or the President restricts freedom of the press or freedom of assembly. That kind of loyalty is dangerous but understand this, it is extremely effective.

If Democrats can’t learn to emulate some of that loyalty, step down off of their moral high horses and comprehend political unity they won’t be winning any elections. Ever. There will be a country of elected Republican officials and the democrats pointing fingers afterwards with enough unity to complain about what’s happening in the country under conservative rulership but not enough unity to ACTUALLY FUCKING VOTE THEM OUT.

Signed, with love


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