Resident Evil 7: Return To Greatness

Creepy ass mannequins.


I have been a longtime fan of the Resident Evil (RE) series, games (the main game series) and movies (a new animated one that will fill in the gap between games 6 and 7 is coming soon, will detail that in my Entertainment article next week.) The last two weren’t that great, 5 was too action oriented and I didn’t like the story, and with 6 I loved the story, but again it was action oriented and had a heavily reliance on QTEs (Quick Time Encounters), and as a Gamespot reviewer aptly put, it’s like the game resented you having control.

While not perfect, RE 7 is definitely up there with 4 with all-time best RE games. It is a return to RE’s survival horror roots. You’ll run from your crazed, chainsaw-wielding wife (yes the dreaded chainsaw), fight the hard-to-kill Baker Family Patriarch Jack, and deal with disgusting black, gooey creatures. If you’re not lucky, you’ll witness Ethan’s gory death at the hands of Mia’s chainsaw.


Grandma sure gets around.


I’ll try not to give too many spoilers, but will describe my first fight with Jack as there were several different ways to go about it…

Once I enter the garage, I am confronted by the deputy, who gets his head sliced in half in a very gruesome way by Jack. In the process, he drops his gun which I immediately grab. At first, I try to just shoot Jack then realize I can get in the car. Apparently I waited too long, as Jack immediately rips the roof off and grabs the wheel and starts driving the car, killing me shortly after.

On my second attempt, while Jack is finishing off the deputy I grab the gun and immediately run and get into the car and start ramming the car into him, until it crashes into the side of car. Jack is seemingly dead as I run from the car which has caught fire and explodes. Jack proceeds to start walking toward me while he is on fire. I shoot him until he falls to the ground, I start to climb a ladder on the side of the garage nearest the house when Jack grabs me and I have to put a few more bullets in him.

The remaining boss fights are just as intense, requiring you to attack and run in order to survive.


This doesn’t look like a trap…


This is a great game and the early parts return to RE’s roots of survival and puzzle solving, unfortunately while still good, the climax is mostly action oriented and relatively easy as you get tons of ammo and bombs, and there aren’t really any puzzles to solve. My only other complaint is you never get to confront the Baker’s son Lucas. Hopefully that will be in future DLC.


That’s not creepy…


The ending also leaves some unanswered questions (that tie the game into the series as a whole) and hopefully some of these will be resolved in the next animated movie Resident Evil Vendetta (I will provide more info on that in my Entertainment Monthly article next week.


One of the ties to the earlier games.


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