Rumor Has It, Big Ben

My heart is broken. Big Ben, literally, the b-i-g quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers is unsure of his return next season. There will be no Steelers without Ben Roethlisberger; it’s like the Dallas Cowboys without Troy Aikman or the Miami Dolphins without Dan Marino. It just won’t work. Gossip is circling around that Tony Romo would make a good match to replace Big Ben as quarterback and I gag at the thought. Tony Romo? The dude gets hurt every game. I stopped watching the Dallas Cowboys because of Romo. How can I possibly watch my favorite team if Tony Romo is its quarterback? Romo was not Cowboys worthy in my opinion when he took the job and entered into the ranks alongside Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. When I think of the Steelers, I think of a team so tough that a thumb injury, broken nose, and even a dislocated shoulder joint go unnoticed (ahem, Tony Romo). These men play the game without half naked cheerleaders on the sideline and are accustomed to snow blanketing the playing field. They are giants. They are beasts; and so is Roethlisberger! Towering at 6’5” and weighing in at 241, Big Ben is not easily eclipsed among his playmates. To sack this guy usually requires multiple opponents dragging his beastly frame to the ground. Insert Tony Romo: 6’2” and approximately 230 pounds. With a squeaky voice and a fragile composition, will a hobbit be rallying the Pittsburgh Steelers? This just won’t do and I do not think I can watch my team if Romo takes over for Roethlisberger.

Maybe this is just a full circle. I was born and raised on the Dallas Cowboys in the glory days of Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith. As the team declined after Aikman and Smith retired, I lost interest but still considered myself a fan. Then I married a staunch Pittsburgh Steelers fan and much to my daddy’s chagrin, I converted to a Steelers gal myself. Romo made the conversion easy, though. He never seemed the part. Then Dak Prescott emerged this season as the breakout star for the Cowboys and I returned to my roots; divided between the Steelers and the Cowboys, but a fan nonetheless. Help me, Big Ben, if you retire and Romo takes your spot; I don’t think this heart of mine can take such brutal abuse.


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