The Game Awards 2016


I have already covered the Legend of Zelda videos shown at the event. Now to cover some other games that interest me, like Death Stranding and some interesting little tidbits and a bit of the awards themselves.

First off, I am not a big fan of award shows in general. I only watch shows like The Game Awards (TGA) to see new trailers and teasers for games. This year’s was a prime of example of why I don’t like Awards shows in general; a lot of pomp and circumstance and listening to music that rarely has anything to with the awards themselves. While I like some hip-hop I am not a fan of gangsta rap and two performances were exactly that. The only performance that actually fit was the band who did the music for the new Doom game.

Death Stranding

At the beginning of the show, Hideo Kojima was finally recognized for his work over the years on games like Metal Gear, and Metal Gear Solid. This is notable because Konami prevented this in a previous award shows. Two years ago Playstation released the mysterious game demo P.T. It was soon discovered as a prologue to a new Silent Hill game. Hideo was working on Silent Hills with director Guillermo del Toro and would have starred The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus. Unfortunately Hideo had a fallout with Konami and the game was scrapped.

At this Summer’s E3, Hideo Kojima showed off the first game from his new company, Kojima Productions, that will be a Playstation exclusive (although it will also be available for PC as well). The E3 teaser showed a black beach littered with dead crabs, fish, whales and dolphin. The camera pans to a naked Norman Reedus lying on the ground, with hand prints appearing in the sand and filling with a dark ooze. Norman has handcuffs dangling from this left hand. As he gets up we see a baby with a cable coming out of where a natural umbilical cord should be. He picks up the baby and he starts crying (that’s what those memes this past summer were about). The baby disappears and his hands are covered in a black ooze. He is wearing a strange necklace with metal bars hanging from it. Teaser ends with Norman standing up, he has a cross-like scar on his stomach looking up into the sky and is looking at what appears to be five human figures floating (also has a nice shot of Norman Reedus’ ass).

E3 Trailer :



Norman Reedus in E3 trailer for Death Stranding


At this year’s TGA, we get a brand new teaser. It starts off with someone played by Guillermo del Toro (another big Fuck You by him to Konami for screwing over Kojima apparently. ). He is running while holding a mysterious object, in a desolate war torn city he runs under a bridge. As he hides under the bridge we see a tank go by with slug like creatures falling off. A black ooze (apparently a running theme in the game) runs down the stones making up the walls. As soldiers follow the tank across the bridge, Guillermo puts his back to the wall and looks down at what he is carrying. It is a baby in some sort of status chamber. He then turns to look down the tunnel under the bridge.



Guillermo del Toro from TGA 2016 Death Stranding Trailer


As he does, a broken doll floats to several soldiers who appear to be searching for Guillermo. The soldiers are connected to their leader with cables. The camera zooms on the leaders face. As it does we see black ooze like scars on his face. He takes off the helmet it burns away to show Madds Mikkelsen (Star of NBC’s Hannibal). He puts a finger to his mouth and orders his soliders to move. As they do the cable’s burn away like his helmet and we see they skulls and no faces. As the teaser ends the baby doll washes up to Madds feet and we see it has cross scar similar to Norman’s in the first teaser. As of yet there is no release date and very little to info what the game will entail. Hopefully it won’t suffer the same fate as Silent Hills.

TGA 2016 Trailer :



Madds Mikkelsen from TGA 2016 Death Stranding trailer.


Other tidbits

We get a teaser of Guardians of the Galaxy from Telltale Games, unfortunately only known at this point is it will be 4 episodes not much else. There was also a gameplay video for Mass Effect Andromeda and Prey, I will write up separate articles on each in the coming weeks. The showing of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mass Effect Andromeda, Prey and Death Stranding makes up for an otherwise lackluster show.

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