[:en]To Boldly Gay[:]

[:en]Recently there has been some controversy about Sulu being Gay in the new Star Trek movies. A few years ago the original Iceman was revealed to be gay. In one case it’s a HUGE problem for a long running character to be suddenly gay, and in another it’s not a problem at all.

The whole thing with Iceman started when the original Beast brought back the earlier versions of the five original X-Men. They were supposedly meant to be from the same timeline. The problem with this is one they are stuck in the present and two they have had very different experiences. Jean Grey learns about the Phoenix force years before it every happens to her, Angel learns about becoming the evil Archangel and currently has fire wings which the original never had, Cyclops discovers his father is alive in another galaxy years before the original ever did (His parents were believed dead in a plane explosion but were actually kidnapped by aliens.) and of course this Iceman is discovered to be gay by this version of Jean. I have no problem with this Iceman being gay, but Brian Micheal Bendis insists these X-Men and the original are one in the same. Which would make the original Iceman gay.

Iceman has had several straight relationships. The most prominent of which was Opal during his time in X-Factor. The only reason their relationship ended is because the original X-Factor members (who are the five original X-Men) rejoined the X-Men. He also had a crush on Polaris, but she was with Havok at the time, and had a brief flirtation with Rogue after she learned of the horrible things Gambit had done before joining the X-Men. The writers tried to use his failed relationships with women to justify him being Gay which is bullshit. I have had failed relationships with men that didn’t make me straight.

The other problem is he is almost constantly surrounded by telepaths from Professor X, Jean Gray, Psylocke, Rachel Grey, to Emma Frost and others. And speaking of Emma Frost, before she was an X-Man she was a villain without scruples and at one point literally inhabited Iceman’s body when a freak accident causes their consciousness to swap bodies. She would have no problem in revealing his sexuality long ago. Then you have the fact that Northstar, the first openly Gay character in mainstream comics had a crush on Iceman til he realized he wasn’t Gay.

Now Sulu is entirely different issue. First of all this is a different universe that started in the first movie (or way back in First Contact if you follow my theory from my previous blog). And according to the official Star Trek Chronology, Sulu is born 4 years AFTER Kirk. When Kirk is born and the Kelvin is destroyed, Sulu doesn’t even exist yet.

Even if we don’t take that into account, Sulu from the original series could just as easily be gay as well. He was never shown to have any relationships in the series or movies. The only time he hits on anyone is Uhura in “Mirror, Mirror” and this was alternate universe version of him and not the original. He is mentioned to have a wife, but this is an non-canonical novel.

This biggest argument against him being Gay is he has a daughter who appeared in Star Trek Generations aboard the Enterprise B. This is utter bullshit. Even now Gay couples raise children, sometimes one being the biological parent. Plus Star Trek takes places in the 23rd Century. Advancements in genetics by this time could easily allow for children to have two biological parents of the same sex.[:]


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