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A history from 50 years from now


In this article I am not advocating for any harm to the country known as the United States of America or her citizens. Instead, I am providing a perspective on the nature of a country that seems intent on destroying itself, based on a false sense of insecurity, fabricated dangers and in the case of the issues that are real that it should be confronting, an obstinate resistance.


Over the course of the last 8 years my entire political view has shifted from radical ideologist to pragmatic realist, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is my willingness to be aware of modern issues. Modern then, and modern now. I don’t believe in finding excuses not to care and I do believe in taking a collective responsibility for the behavior of my own country.

A common saying is the sins are the father become the sins of the son – in a non-Klingon context, this means that what those that came before you reaped you must sow, and history does impact the future. If you can’t confront this, you are doomed to suffer a repeat in history just as the United States is now. I have struggled with this. I have argued and debated and I have tried to spread reason and for a long while I milled over ideas for articles I could write appealing to people’s better nature. Maybe I would reach even one person that could see the wisdom in what is going on, and change their way of thinking. That time has passed – I haven’t become a cynic, far from it, as stated above I am a pragmatic realist and reality has set in.


I have supported a liberal shift in politics since as far back as I have been a voting citizen. Not all the way back. As a kid, in my teens pre-voting years, I actually had a somewhat ‘in the middle’ view. I didn’t like welfare programs, I thought they supported laziness and the enabling of the people to live off of the government. I wasn’t very fond of abortion but I was(and still am) gay, pro women’s rights, pro equal treatment for people of color as well as a litany of other issues. Only as I grew older and honestly right around the time that George W. Bush became President did I become more polarized. Why, you ask, did I experience this change? Because as soon as Bush became President there was a push for the BIble to be taught in school, for evolution to be evicted from the curriculum and a massive stance for anti-LGBT that masqueraded as the defense of some misbegotten sense of heterosexual pride and ‘normalcy’ as if telling someone else they were wrong for being gay was patriotic.


In the years since then I have observed the Obama administration, the responses to his leadership and seen that there is a quality to the American spirit that is best summed up in one of my favorite childhood phrases. The phrase is – Do not cut your nose to spite your face. The notion is simple. That in some misguided sense of crusade against something you think is wrong, you take a stance so heavily that you actually hurt yourself out of a desperate hope of hurting something you oppose. The best example of this is the 2010 elections in the US. After only two years of Obama’s period as President, people were enflamed he wasn’t liberal enough, or was too liberal, and either didn’t go to vote for the midterm elections or when they did, voted red out of some angry belief that it would spite America. As a result, we got another six years of Republican dominated Congress and Senate. We, and by we I mean the tax paying American public, have been paying Senators and Congress representatives for six years not just to do nothing – but to literally allow our government to shut down. Millions of dollars of tax paid money went to some of the people that experience the highest levels of working privilege in our country to essentially waste our country’s time and money. John Boehner, our own speaker, resigned, in the middle of all of this, and we all sit back and blame Washington because voters do not take responsibility for their own culpability in the choices they make. They see Washington and see an enemy – some foreign power dominating and manipulating them – intentionally deflecting personal responsibility for their own behavior as a voter.


This has never been better represented than in the modern Presidential race. We have seen a massive shift of opinions from the mainstream to the radical – the force of the most objectively opposed against the country itself. No amount of reason or logic applies, this is a free for all based on the availability of the media’s influence to completely change your opinion in a single post that suits your bias and makes you feel advocated in your anger towards a system you barely understand, but for which you owe literally your entire existence.


My exhaustion has reached it’s limit.  I feel incapable of arguing not simply against conservatives who are pledged to the Republican party no matter how strange or diabolic a turn it takes – but even against fellow liberals who will argue to the last drop of the few civil freedoms that have been won in the last eight years just to make a point. In response to this, I have but one thought, and that is to let American burn.


Our country has perpetrated war crimes that we painted as the spread of Democracy. We have enamored ourselves in the false notion that we are or have ever been a source of freedom – even while slavery was enduring, women were unable to vote, gays were lynched for their sexuality and even into the modern day with police having unlimited power to murder civilians(BLACK AND WHITE). At this point, I no longer care. That is a false statement. I do care, and my cares now align with the committed withdrawl of reason. My cares are not karmic – I desire to see that the American public should reap what they sow.


Let every gay Republican that has staunchly supported the right out of some misguided desire to punish Mexicans or Muslims vote in their new fully conservative regime and see every civil liberty afforded the gay population under a few struggling liberals influence come into an age where marriage for the same sex couples is repealed. Let them experience an era when they walk into restaurants and are denied serviced due to the suspect nature of their sexuality begin.


Let every liberal that touted the respectability of Gary Johnson – a Libertarian that supports a political method in which everything is deregulated and the voting public no longer have power over the economic institutions of their country take hold. Let every liberal that supports Jill Stein – a left wing radical that supports the anti-vaccination discover the price they’ve paid for turning their backs on the party that has supported their agenda for a decade.


Let this country burn. It is the price it will pay. It is a karmic debt. A debt for the bombing of countries we were not at war with, a debt for the mistreatment of our own communities and for our own privileged ignorance. We sit  in a land of comfortable safety in which a single act of violence by a terrorist is treated as an issue of national security by dozens of instances of mass shootings prompt no active response to guns, gun violence or our culture of embracing violence as the only response to anything. I have realized that I do not live in a country of peace, I live in a country of war, of profiteers and apologists and mindless liberals that will scream for change but when the opportunity for it comes they will pull the razor across their own faces because they live in ridiculous denial of their own political situation.


This country has existed for over two centuries and HAS NEVER BEEN GREAT. It has been wealthy and safe and powerful but always at the cost of someone else’s safety and power. In the beginning it was our slave population – not just the black, but even white immigrants and those from Asia. Our women, our gay population, our non Christians and our working poor. How many people died in coal mines, textile factories and industry to support an economy they would never share the benefits of? Eventually with the beginning of the new century and it’s world wars that began to shift. We had the privilege of suffrage and the civil rights era – the marches for gay equality and began to think well maybe we are great. But now we are facing another Presidential election and as we enamor ourselves in cheap goods sold to us from overseas produced by slave labor in countries that have even worse economic positions for the poor we are still wrapped up in the notion that somehow Bernie Sanders was going to save us and if he can’t well then we’ll just sit here and be upset and that will fix everything.


Fuck you, fuck Bernie Sanders, fuck Jill Stein, fuck emails, fuck Benghazi and fuck your stupidity.


Trump should be President. He is the President we deserve. We have earned him. Liberal or conservative, it is time for us to live in an era where everything we fought for is taken back. We need to have another great recession – we need our economy to collapse, our relations with foreign powers to collapse and perhaps even to enter another war. This is the bed we’ve made, and we should lie in it.


Fuck this country, fuck you, and have a nice day..

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