The Stone Age Man

Dear Reader,

I am Fletcher Mattern and this is my introductory post to this blog. I don’t really feel inclined to explain literally everything I believe and think in a single introduction letter to the reader, instead, I think I’d rather just peel you off a piece of my mind right from the beginning. Without any further delay, let’s begin my first piece which I choose to entitle “The Stone Age Man”.


As a writer in regards to politics, the human condition and life in general one thing which will remain consistent is my belief in the necessity for evolution. Regression is not something I believe in, you don’t grow to be thirty years old just to try and build your life at thirty as it was at twenty. Going forward requires relinquishing the past and embracing the future. Letting go of ‘what was’ is what allows us to objectively view the past for what it was; good or bad, it was a lesson and to learn that we have to release it.


The above paragraph in mind, allow me to begin “The Stone Age Man”.


The Stone Age Man is my perspective that many of the aspects of our current society and the way we live our lives reflect a status of living that has remained a part of our ‘human nature’ far longer than it should have. We become comfortable with these aspects of our civilization because they feel natural to us, yet we seem, especially in the last hundred years, to be in a constant war against these themes in society.


The Stone Age Man does not literally suggest qualities of life from the stone age, rather as a general term it suggests the tendency of embracing in our modern era aspects of life that reflect an earlier and out of date life style. Generally speaking many of these tropes deal with marginalization, discrimination, the general tendency of a pack to determine it’s nature and weed out anything that doesn’t fit. I’m sure this was a handy cognitive instrument for our ancestors but as time moves on it proves an ongoing struggle for progress for modern human beings.


In this chapter of the Stone Age Man, let’s deal with sexual inequality or more broadly simply the dimorphism  between birth assigned males and females.


As a child growing up my mother was very strong. She had a strong personality but she also ran her own business to put herself through college and even studied Judo and encouraged me to study martial arts to follow in her footsteps. To me, a woman was never an object of sensitivity to me. She was never an inferior, a lesser, I never viewed her as hysterical or dramatic or unable to control her emotions. I knew these things because my best perspective on what women are was in my own home and so as I watched television, read news or otherwise exposed myself to the world at large I was drawn to women of strength and saw them not as women but just another kind of human being.


The Stone Age man posits that there is no equality between men and women. It’s in his best interest to find a division between the two and to summon up a cause in which he becomes the greater and she the lesser. There is a discomfort in the notion of acknowledging the possible equality or even superiority of a woman. Generally these men find it extremely comfortable to seek an explanation or scenario in which their bias is confirmed. Women are different, which means to women men are different, and as a result, we pretend we are two different species sharing similar bodies but somehow alien to each other.


Well, I’m gay, and I date men, and when a straight man tells me all of the issues, problems and faults of dating women all I can say is you literally explained what it’s like to date a man. So there in falls the first tremendous difference; sexuality. For a straight man, a woman is not just an object of love, she’s also an object of lust, a team of opposition. She is in her world and he’s in his and they are simultaneously trying to intermingle but also struggling for control. Therein we can find the origin of this sexual dimorphism. A man must establish his dominance, even in the 21st century he has to find some way in which he is right and the inherent fault of being female makes her subject to his perspective of the world.

Is the opposite true? Must a man bend to the subjective will of women? No. Not in a general sense. Women generally do not have significant enough power culturally to force men to bend to their perspective.  The average Sam(stone age male) response may be; that by the nature of being inherently weaker, this is the natural order between men and women. A man is the hunter, a woman is the gatherer, and it’s the struggle to change this that is the problem.

That is ignorant. That’s backwards. That’s pathetic. A human being is an animal; it is what we’ve bred it to be. When Rome attempted the conquest of Briton two worlds were brought into contest. One was the modern world under models of society we still live by today; women are gently cared for furniture and men are their caretakers. The other, the Celts, living solely by ones’ means to exist did not exclude women from combat or athleticism but required their participation. As a result, these women were fiercer and stronger than their Roman counterparts.

It’s an uncomfortable idea to some, but in the same way we breed any other animal, we also breed human beings. While in animals we use traits like aggression to breed fighting dogs or complacency to breed herd animals, in society we use cultural idioms to breed men and women. We take a woman at birth and surround her with imagery of the kind of flowery, delicate and unadapted creature she should be and suggest she’s weak for being this way, then punish her if she attempts to prove she isn’t.

What’s the purpose of my article? Do I suggest women are a victimized population in need of the support and aid of outsiders to rise above their current circumstances? No, I think the feminist movement has preceded me in that, at least in the US, and I am simply an observer to sexual politics that have existed since before my time. The purpose of my article is to draw attention to an element of the debate that, in my attention, goes back to the core of the issue, which is, as the name suggests, predilections towards past ideologies to define today’s person. Hence, The Stone Age Man.

Going forward in life I am surrounded by elements of the world I live in that frustrate and disturb me. Many of them are the backwards elements of a world I did not live in; a past one, and my generation lingers in a struggle with the former generation. This is only one of many such struggles, one of many things that has disturbed me for a good long portion of my opinionated existence.

The world is full of issues; real ones, we are in desperate need to solve, yet here we stand, how many thousands of years later, still debating one gender’s place in the world versus another’s. I don’t do well with backwards ideology. I don’t draw paintings in caves or light fires to ward off predators, so gimmicks from that time period don’t appeal much to me. Attempting to coerce me with lines of dialogue about the differences between men and women are wasted on me because I see human kind, at it’s base, as an animal. A woman or a man is what we have raised them to be.

The feminist movement gets a lot of flack; it’s treated as a kind of enemy to progress, whereas I view it as a necessary vessel for change. It didn’t materialize out of a vacuum; it took shape in the face of incredible discrimination and in spite of the notion that we live in a post-sexism western world, that is obviously not true. I see it every day; it’s evident everywhere around me.

As a tool I use not only the resources of the web at my fingertips but simply the admissions of the women I encounter in life. Their histories of what they go through that is so different from what I experience. Daily harassment, constant unwarranted advances and general mistreatment by men. Nothing is more telling to me than simply listening to the stories my female friends tell me of what they go through doing something as simple as stopping at a gas station. Walking down the streets. Attempting to find a peaceful place to sit on the bus. These are things I take for granted; no one bothers me because I’m a dude. If I were a woman, though, I’d be harassed with the sexual advances of a man. In my attempt to glance up and redirect my attention I might find a movie poster where a woman is standing twisted so I can see her ass and tits at the same time.

You know, I feel I’ve been rambling for a while. As an introductory post I feel like I got my message across. The essential message is; reconsider the things around you. Sam, or the stone age man, is the ever present force that drives everyone – all of us – to a generally more stupid and backwards state. The gift of intelligence means you have an obligation – a responsibility! — to achieve better. Alpha males in wolf packs get to determine the station of females under them, as well as males. If you aren’t a furry critter shitting in the woods, then not only do you not get to establish those boundaries but let’s be honest; you probably wouldn’t be alpha in the first place.

All that being said, I’m Fletcher, a new contributor, I will probably offend you at some point, most certainly bore you, but I make my best attempt to use spellcheck while doing so.





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