The British War on the Poor


Not long ago the disabled in Britain were struck with a blow. The House of Lords-lead law has a $43-a-week cut to their disabled people, $2,200 less a year. Unambiguously, the government there wants to cut PIP payments (Personal Independence Payment) for those who already receive it, which would make it exponentially more difficult for people with disabilities to live independent lives.  Members of parliament be damned. The House of Lords defeated them twice, forcing the MPs to waiver through. If these new disability cuts go into effect, it would leave many disabled people, especially those unable to find jobs or jobs that they can do with their disability, in a state of poverty. Lives are at risk. The House of Lords, you all may know, are usually the “well-to-do” or very well-connected folk of Parliament.

Government there is usually not so anti-poor but world culture, I believe is fighting. Rich v Poor. “Maker” v “Taker” as some would say. So far British Parliament has cut PIP (Personal Independence Payment), DSA (Disabled Students Allowance), ESA (Employment and Support Allowance), and WRAG (Work Related Activity Group) support. “The Tories have gone full out war against the powerless,” you’d hear. Tories are the Conservative Party, founded from the Tory Party in 1834. While many wish to see the poor being taken care of, so-called Conservatives wish to do away with anything that may help. Like in the US, much of their ex-military, ex-public servants (police, firemen, etc.) are on some form of assistance. And like the US, the conservatives are convincing the people that it’s good and will help.

Cogently palpable, thanks to the senseless David Cameron, the economy in Britain is still on crutches. Rather than take care of its society by taxing its wealthy, his government decided to squeeze as much money as they can from their poor and justify it by telling even the disabled that they need to work harder… He is in favor of the perverse wealth rather than be in favor of those who have the least.

U.S. and Britain are twins. Both have a whole lot of people in government that work for the wealthy. It’s baffling that the people put up with it. These governments are ignorant in believing that cuts to the poor will put an incentive on disabled people to find work, then plainly they have no idea how incentives work. Of course it wouldn’t be a government without pay increasing for those making the rules the same year they told poor people to stop taking money from the government. I’d even bet they did this with that in mind. They already cut help for the youth that needed it for school.

You should look up for the “fit for work” scandals in Britain. The British government will not be able to wash their hands and overlook the deaths of many eligible benefit claims who are declared “Fit for work” by a system that’s been torn to shreds. No one seems to go after these people for making laws that hurt an ever-growing poor population so much. Justice would put them under jury to answer for the deaths and illnesses that come from malnutrition and the sort. Sure, that’s extreme but here in the U.S., poor people die from heat exhaustion and malnutrition. $43/week, which is what the cut to the disabled is a lot of food, even rent. Four years till the next Parliament election, we’ll see if the government and media forgets about what was done so that the people in power and people like them can stay afloat on their cloud of infinite authority.

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