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Today is a historic day in America because after four failed attempts, SpaceX has successfully landed the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket on the automated drone ship “P.S. I Love You”.  Today is a day to be proud of what America can do that is positive.  Today’s launch marked the return of its Dragon capsule to make supply runs to the International Space Station and the fourth flight since it’s inflight breakup last June.

There are two experiments that can further add to the spinoffs we enjoy on a daily basis from spaceflight.  The first one is the inflatable habitat module from the company Bigelow.  The module will be is about the size of a small bedroom and will be attached to the Station for 2 years.  This is the first of modules that will only get bigger in size to see how they hold up to the space environment.  Future applications can be modules to be used on the Moon or Mars and deep space travel.  They can also be used as modules in Earth orbit to help boost the soon to be space tourist enterprise as a private space station or even space hotels.

The second experiment involves 20 mice to help come up with treatments for muscle wasting diseases such as muscular dystrophy, ALS and some cancers.  I wanted to bring these two up because NASA does an awful job in letting the public know just how much we benefit from spaceflight, and how much of its spinoffs we use every day.  If everything we use had a small symbol of coming from spaceflight, people would be amazed.  Maybe that’s a good idea in the future.

The next SpaceX launch will be on April 28 and that will deploy the JCSAT 14 satellite that will bring mobile and broadcast service to places like Japan, Russia, Hawaii and other Pacific Islands.  That flight will also attempt to recover the Falcon 9 rocket first stage.  I highly suggest that everyone who hasn’t experienced watching a live stream of the launch from SpaceX YouTube channel to do so.  You feel a part of the SpaceX team because, hopefully, you’re rooting for the success of this American company whose rocket is 100 percent American made.  The cheers and the happy tears you witness these group of people is truly inspiring.  spacex courtesy SpaceX and

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