The First Commercial Crew

Artist view of Atlas V/CST-100 Starliner.

Artist view of Atlas V/CST-100 Starliner.


Earlier today I was looking at the launch manifest for the rest of 2016 and the first month of 2017 and it the thought came to me that we still don’t know who will be the crew members on the opening test flights of the SpaceX Dragon2 or Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner.

Considering the crewed test flights are around a year away, I am hoping soon that we will know the names of the first crews by SpaceX and Boeing.  I am extremely excited to be able to hopefully experience the beginning of these missions by private American companies.  Only governments have launched humans into space: other than America, the Russian and now Chinese are the elite three government nations who have a human space program, although America, for now have been out of the human spaceflight business since Space Shuttle Atlantis landed in July 2011.

Since these are opening test flights to the International Space Station, one would think, would require a year or a little more to train as a crew to get all the necessary training here in the United States and Russia.  They will have to be familiar with the International Space Station, as well as become familiar with their tasks aboard their capsule and emergencies, especially with a new system.

I know this is just me getting overly excited about things to come, and I am hoping for some announcements on this front very soon, because last I heard that there will be the first crewed test flights as soon as next spring or early summer.

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