Cruzin’ for Ted and the Dominionists

This recent development in the run up to the US presidential elections is a case where I’m honestly not sure whether or not anyone in the States expected it. Apparently, living-joke Republican candidate Ted Cruz was playing with the idea of making Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson an ambassador to the United Nations. You may know Phil as that notoriously anti-gay, anti-reality redneck with a silly beard and a mind filled with sludge. Among his specific statements regarding homosexuality, including the assertion that homosexuality leads to bestiality, along with the bizarre statement “I’m as much a homophobe as Jesus was”. I am still looking for that quote in the Bible. He even once claimed that African-Americans were “happier” before the introduction of civil rights. Oh, and like any religious right-wing fool he believes that he’s right and everyone who disagrees with him is just hating on him instead of “acknowledging their sin”. He also has this belief that families should start real early…when a boy’s balls drop or something. Thirteen or you know that tender age when a boy still looks like a naked mole rat from top to bottom? Yeah, needless to say, Phil is about as backwards when it comes to that sort of stuff so you know you can take it from him about the sinfulness of two guys keeping each other “company.”


And Ted wants that guy as ambassador to the UN.


You can’t help but wonder if this a sign of what kind of direction our country is going in. The country is already an environment where religion-gone-wild and right-wing hysteria seem like somewhat regular phenomenon, which is either engendered by or feeding off of the division of the country (or possibly both). The main reason Cruz suggests him is a flat-out joke. He actually believes that Phil Robertson remembers what Americans are all about and he makes a big deal of him saying things he “isn’t supposed to say”. So Ted Cruz thinks Americans are, at heart, intolerant religious fundamentalists who want everyone to believe in the same thing because “God” says so? I never expected him to have such a hateful view of his own people. But hey, what should you expect from a man who, like much of the Republican Party and their followers, believe in a fabricated ideal of America’s “good old days”. I don’t even understand their idea of “good old days” are. 40s 50s Republicans would be considered libtards or whatever their word for it these days.


Also, why do Ted Cruz and these other right-wingers make such a big deal about supposedly being political incorrect and proud of it? They’re not really making any good points that just happens to contradict “society”. They’re just looking for something to justify pig-headed ignorance and outright hatred. They want you to believe they’re fighters, that they are outsiders to the establishment. But in truth they’re just nothing more than another part of a dying aspect of the mainstream. They cling to the putrid ways of hate, ignorance, and dogma, and use the notion political correctness and the notion of fighting it in order to justify it because they are incapable or unwilling to admit that they are hateful and priggish individuals who happen to believe that their malcontent equates to anyone’s truth but their own. They think they’re fighting the good fight, but they’re blind to the true nature of what they think they are fighting for. They don’t even realize that people don’t hate them because they’re politically incorrect, but instead because they are either bad people or just plain ignorant, and their mentality is one that drives others who wish to undermine America. Phil Robertson being a diplomat would just be one more mistake characteristic of the country’s inclining descent into madness.


Making Ted Cruz a president; a future oligarchy leader of a Dominionist-centered country, a new problem among others that this country would have. Dominionists are the scariest form of Right-wing Christianity. They believe that even if they were to nuke the world, it would be a better solution than to let heretics roam the Earth. Much of the country is still clueless of who they are and what they believe in. They are far crazier than the Rapture folk…these guys would actually cause the “rapture” in the best way they know how. The prediction of the fall of Israel… these guys would create it just to bring on the Lord…and to just expand…there’s a prevalence in the military of radical Evangelists seeking to indoctrinate.


The media overall ignores Dominionism completely. They do not want to be seen as anti-Christian. The Right wants to make everyone believe there’s a bias against Christians in the media.  The media ignoring Dominionism completely is the absolute proof that there is no such thing…as the media would most definitely cover their extremism…if for anything, ratings. First, Americans in general do now know much about the Dominionist movement. Second, a great majority of Christians do not know the extent of the movement’s beliefs and connections. Lastly, other religions and atheists can be somewhat blind to the differences between your average Evangelist and the Dominionist.

Here’s a short, 47-minute video to watch about religious indoctrination in the US Military.

An election win for Cruz is a sure win for the Dominionism that plagues this country. Their neo-apocalyptic view of how it is best to bring on the Rapture by means of nuclear holocaust is absurd. The idea of a President Cruz is equally absurd.

(Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer)

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