No, I’m not talking about the GOP lineup. I’m talking about a problem only the Democratic party has: Super delegates.

We have caucuses and primaries for one simple and obvious reason. To choose who the people want as their party’s candidate for the presidency. Democratically. Funny, but I thought we valued that ideal. Well, the Democratic party doesn’t. Not in the least.

Suppose all the primaries and caucuses are completed, we go to the convention and Hillary, or Bernie, has more delegates from the states than the other. None of that makes a damn difference whatsoever. Because the super delegates, many of which are comprised of congressman and women, and many are  (and this is particularly disgusting) “party members”. Those are unelected people who have seats on the Democratic National Committee. They don’t give a shit who the public voted for. They can vote for whomever they want. That doesn’t just reek of oligarchy, it is oligarchy. So if you’re for Hillary this time, congratulations. Nearly all of the super delegates have already made their vote public. They’re for her. Even if Sanders had the delegates to win the nomination, they’d put her over the top. The GOP doesn’t have this problem. There are no super-people in their nominating process. So if you’re for Sanders, sorry. He could walk into the convention center with 50 more delegates than Hillary. Wouldn’t matter. The people who know what’s best for your party can override your vote. This will probably be a very close primary. If it weren’t, there aren’t enough super delegates to make a difference. But in this one, they might be the deciding factor. And that would be appalling.


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    Brent S. 3 years

    A few points. 1) Super-delegates make up about 20% of those voting at the DNC so if a candidate gets a strong mandate during the primaries the SD’s can’t change that outcome.

    2) “Nearly all of the super delegates have already made their vote public.” No, they have made their intentions public. SD’s are by their nature uncommitted until the convention, leaving time for Team Sanders to lobby.

    3) The SD system was put in place to prevent the exact shit storm that’s currently occurring over in the GOP.

    4) The existence of SD’s is not news they have been around since the 70’s, and both campaigns take them into account.

    I’m not a big fan of them, but it is not Oligarchy, it is how the DNC works to get the most electable candidate in the general election. It is not even the weirdest thing in politics today.

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    I’m well aware they’re not new.

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